10 Reasons Your House Is NOT Ready to List on the Market

When you list your house for sale on the real estate market, you want to be sure it’s as marketable as possible so you can as close to your asking price as possible. Rest assured, prospective buyers will offer lower bids than you want to see, especially if they have reason to do so. If your house needs major repairs or isn’t quite up to snuff, prospective buyers will take note and offer less than you may be willing to accept. If you’re planning to sell your house soon, here are some common reasons it’s NOT quite ready to be listed yet.

It’s Unclean

An unclean house suggests that the house may not be well maintained. That’s not a thought you want to enter buyers’ minds. Give your house a thorough, professional-level cleaning before photographing or showing it.

Landscape Overgrowth

You don’t have to spend a fortune to overhaul your landscape, but you should ensure that your trees and shrubs are trimmed and that your overall front and back yards are neat in appearance. A healthy lawn goes a long way to promoting curb appeal.

Needs Fresh Paint

Dingy interior or exterior paint screams from a fresh coat. Prospective buyers will notice if your paint is old, dirty, and peeling. Don’t list your house until you’re able to paint rooms that are in dire need of a makeover.


You want your home to appear spacious to prospective buyers. Too much clutter will make it seem small and unkempt. Invest in a storage spot so you can remove your excess clutter while your home is on the market.

Kitchen Countertops

You don’t have to invest in a kitchen renovation to sell your home. However, kitchens are a big selling point. If your countertops are worn, think about investing in new granite or quartz countertops that we can install. You can build their cost into your home’s asking price.

Odor Control

If you have pets, you’ve got to take steps to eliminate their odors. Carpeting is notorious for harboring pet odors. Have your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned. If soiling and odor are severe, remove and replace your carpets with new, affordable floor coverings.

Handyman Fixes

Go through your home to ensure that everything is working. We can perform simple repairs for ceiling fan switches, leaky faucets, sticking doors, etc…Don’t think buyers won’t notice these small problems. Let us tackle them for you.

Inexpensive Upgrades

Set aside some of your home improvement budget to make inexpensive upgrades that will enhance the look of your home. Update your kitchen cabinets with contemporary knobs and pulls. Update your house numbers. Install contemporary kitchen and sink fixtures.


Since you’re planning to move anyway, take time to pack up the personal items in your home like family photos. You want buyers to envision themselves in your house. Depersonalizing can help them do that.

Major Systems

Be sure that your home’s major systems are in optimum condition. A leaking roof or outdated electrical system will greatly detract from an advantageous sale.

Stage It

Finally, you’ll want to stage your house so that it’s as inviting to prospective buyers as possible. Be sure that all rooms are decorated to entice prospective buyers.

Keep these ideas in mind before you list your house. Remember, we can help you make the minor and major repairs you need before you put your house up for sale.

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