10 Ways to Save on Your Remodeling Project

Going over budget is something many homeowners fear when engaging in a remodeling or renovation project. Yet, there are many ways where people can save money on these projects without compromising on their overall quality. When embarking on any project for your home–whether large or small–keep these helpful money-saving tips in mind.

Nail down Your Budget

Setting up your budget parameters is essential. It’s easy to go over budget in areas of your project if you don’t set specific price lines for each aspect of the renovation. Most remodeling experts suggest adding about 20% to your budget as a cushion in case any unexpected surprises come up–like finding mold or termites in your walls.

Work with a Reputable Firm

It’s important to work with a professional construction firm when designing and implementing any remodeling project. Experience, expertise, and an impressive track record for safety should be the hallmarks of any contracting firm you choose for your project.

Create a Detailed Plan

A detailed plan is your remodeling road map. We can help you create a plan that reflects your budget and includes all aspects of the project.

Recycle and Reuse

Talk to our team about sourcing recycled materials like reclaimed wood. You can often achieve a high-end designer look for your project while relying on more inexpensive materials like recycled building materials.

Consider Sweat Equity

Many homeowners are loath to knock down walls on their own–and that’s perfectly understandable! Talk to us about ways you can cut corners by performing certain labor-intensive tasks. From picking up materials to removing old wallpaper or flooring, these are many ways where you can participate in a professionally wrought renovation so you can save money in the process.

Renovate–Don’t Replace!

You can frequently save money on a remodeling project by renovating certain features rather than replacing them. For instance, new cabinetry can be extremely costly. Rather than replacing your existing cabinets, consider giving them a makeover with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware and drawer pulls.

Consider Materials Carefully

Did you know you can get the look of hardwood without the cost when you install bamboo flooring? Plus, bamboo is an environmentally friendly material that is famous for its durability and beauty.

Opt for Standard Sizes

Custom doors and other features tend to lead to substantial budget increases. Do you best to use standard sizes when designing your remodeling plans.

Choose Look-Alikes

You can often achieve a designer look for your remodeling project by opting for look-alikes. For instance, you can find lighting fixtures that mimic that famous Tiffany look without the infamous Tiffany price tag. We can help you find ways to create a designer look without compromising your budget.

Leave Essentials Systems / Features in Place

Moving the kitchen sink–or other major features–is necessarily going to impact price. Try to plan your remodeling project by leaving essential fixtures and features in place to cut down on costs.

Keep these tips in mind as you contemplate your project. We can help you source materials to ensure that you get a great rate on the items you need to achieve your design vision.

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