5 Dining Room Makeover Ideas

With the summer heat behind us and the winter holidays just around the corner, now is a great time to achieve your dining room makeover. A newly remodeled or redecorated dining space can be the backdrop to your upcoming gatherings with family and friends. We can help you source and install that great new chandelier, refinish your and varnish your floor, or design and install custom built-ins for your china. As you contemplate your new dining room, be sure to consider the following makeover ideas.

Welcome to the…Jungle?

Yes! Why not transform your dining room into your tropical dining oasis complete with a new, eco-friendly bamboo floor or jungle-themed wallpaper. If your taste tends toward rustic-type material like wicker, exotic hardwoods, and vibrant colors, you might want to consider designing a space that brims with eye-catching appeal. From the paint to the draperies, we can work with you to source all the materials for the project and provide the expert workmanship to help you bring your vision to life.

Mid-Century Flair

Mid-century modern furnishings pair amazingly well with contemporary styles. If your dining space is on the cozy side, a mid-century look will help you achieve big style to the scale of your room. Opt for a wall paint color from the fifties or sixties. Consider creating draperies made from vintage bark cloth. The mid-century look has staying power, so it’s a style that surpasses trends.

Industrial-Chic Style

We can help you design an industrial-chic dining space complete with a floor crafted from reclaimed wood, exposed ceiling beams, and stainless-steel light fixtures. The industrial look pairs stylishly with kitchens and dining spaces alike. Incorporating bespoke pieces like a one-of-a-kind dining table designed from recycled materials will help you transform your dining room into a unique part of your home.

Modern Dining

If you want to create an upscale space filled with posh décor and plush seating, you might opt for an ultra-modern makeover for your dining room. If you dream of crystal chandeliers, we can help you source the ideal-sized fixture for the scale of your room and then we can install it to your desired height. Consider installing sleek recessed lighting or allowing us to create recessed shelves in your walls to showcase floral displays or special pieces of artwork.

Welcome to…the Garden

A floral / botanical theme never goes out of style. The great thing about flowers is that they pair well whether you’re opting for a traditional or contemporary look for your dining room. What better way to bring the outdoors in than by widening your windows or replacing them with models that allow more fresh air inside. You can incorporate your theme in a number of ways from wallpaper to upholstery to floor stencils–and we can help you do it!

Look through our gallery or decorating books from your library to get more inspiration for your own dining room makeover. Then, talk to us about what you have in mind. We will work within your budget to help you create a brand-new look for your dining space, so you can enjoy this year’s holidays in style.

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