5 Trendy Home Improvement Articles for the New Year

Not all home improvement trends have staying power, but there are several popular options that are likely to increase in popularity. If you’re looking for ways to update your home in the new year, consider these trendy ideas. They look great, function incredibly well, and are likely to enhance your home for a long, long time!

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is a tough, sustainable flooring material. Moreover, it’s gorgeous. Bamboo flooring is available in many different styles. It can mimic the look of wood and can be stained in various different hues to suit your living space. Bamboo is a durable flooring option and is even touted to be stronger than many types of wood like pine and is said to even be stronger than steel. Finally, bamboo can lend distinctive character to any room at a price that is much, much less expensive than traditional hardwood.

Install or Renovate Hardscape Features

Curb appeal is important to many homeowners. Hardscape features can lend structure and balance to a landscape as well as offer some functional features. Consider installing a paved border along your front-yard planting beds. You might even transform your driveway with a brick drive. You can choose materials that enhance the style of your home. We can help you source materials for best quality–and the best price.

Update Lighting

The new year is a great time to update your home’s lighting with energy efficient features. Not only can you give your interior a lift in the looks department with new lighting fixtures; you can save money on energy bills. Many LED lighting fixtures are must-have features; some are dimmable or include smart technology. You can also update your outdoor lighting with solar lighting for paths and special landscape features. Think about installing motion lights near your home and garage entrances as a safety and security measure.

New Doors

They don’t make doors quite the way they used to–and that’s great news for many homeowners who are looking for updated door options. Security doors are a popular trend that has staying power. Today’s security doors come in a wide array of styles. There are ultra-modern styles and vintage-inspired styles. Once installed, these attractive doors can update the look of home entrances while providing a sophisticated level of security.

Make Functional Spaces Pretty

Laundry rooms and mud rooms all over the country are getting facelifts in the new year. These essentially functional spaces don’t have to look unfinished or unloved simply because they work hard. Attractive cabinetry can enhance the look of these spaces while offering extra storage. Our team can create custom built-ins to suit each space perfectly.

If you want to enhance your home with an update or renovation, we can help you from start to finish. We design, source materials, and implement projects according to your plan. Many home improvement projects can add value to your home too. Consider these trendy home improvement projects as you think about renovating an area of your house or property.

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