5 Vintage Bathroom Features that Are Always in Vogue

If you are looking for a way to transform your bathroom, consider taking a vintage approach to décor. Vintage-inspired bathrooms will help you create a timeless look for your setting that brims with eye-catching appeal. Consider some of the following tips for creating a bathroom that is evocative of timeless style and elegance.


A detached bathtub is a great feature for your vintage-inspired bathroom. If you already have an attached tub in place but want to add a claw-foot tub, for instance, our crews can easily remove your old tub and ready the space for the installation of your antique tub. Because antique tubs can be costly, you might even consider a replica. We can help you locate a tub that meets your idea of vintage style.


Sink and tub faucets can help you infuse an air of vintage charm into your bathroom setting. There are many vintage-inspired faucets on the market today. Take your time to peruse the offerings from various home improvement centers. You might want to opt for fixtures that feature an oil-rubbed bronze finish or an antique gold finish to complement your overall decorative plan. Keep in mind you can also replace a vanity with a vintage furnishing to create a custom sink that suits your style.

Built-In Furnishings

Another way to incorporate vintage charm into your setting is to add built-ins to the space. An armoire or other types of cabinetry can be built in any decorative style you want to evoke. For instance, clean lines can suggest an Art Déco or Mid-Century Modern decorative look. Ornate carvings are evocative of the Victorian age. Similarly, shelving can be installed in any style you want to emulate. Once these furnishings are in place, you can use them to store a myriad of toiletries and bathroom linens.


Bathroom tile is a practical floor and wall covering for bathrooms. To create a vintage look for your setting, consider adding subway tile or other types of tile that mimic a decorative era you admire. You can even include actual antique tiles in your decorative pattern to add authentic vintage charm to the space. You can find antique Arts and Crafts tiles, for instance, to incorporate into your space. Our crews can install tile in any are of your bathroom.


Finally, consider using textiles to help you capture a certain decorative era for your bathroom. Vintage fabrics can be used for shower curtains and window coverings. You can choose to use towels in certain colors to enhance the overall look of the space too. Bath mats and textile wall are can also help you stylize your bathroom space.

If you are looking for a fun home improvement project, consider transforming your master bath or a powder room with vintage features like these. You can complement the room with wall hangings that enhance the look you want to display. We can help you find the ideal materials you need to transform your setting. Call us to discuss your project’s needs.

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