5 Ways to Modernize a Rustic Cabin

Your cabin is your home away from home, but once there, you may begin to miss some creature comforts that many rustic cabins lack. Modernizing certain elements of your cabin can actually increase its value while providing and your family with a comfortable place to spend time. Use the following tips and ideas to upgrade your cabin this year.

Temperature Control

Installing an energy-efficient HVAC system in your cabin is one of the best ways to increase property value. Of course, you’ll benefit immensely in terms of comfort. Having the ability to control the temperature of your setting is ideal, particularly during summer and winter when the temperatures can be extreme. Even if you like “roughing it” at the cabin, you can always minimize the amount of time you use the system, but you’re likely to enjoy that AC on an unbearably humid day.

Walk-In Shower

If you spend a lot of time outdoors at your cabin, you’re bound to get dirty, and if you’re vacationing with kids, they’re absolutely going to build up a sweat and track dirt all about. A walk-in shower is a convenient feature for a cabin and easier to maintain than a tub. We can install a walk-in shower and even upgrade your bathroom plumbing, which can be a significant way to boost the value of your cabin.

New Windows

While new windows will enhance the energy-efficiency of your cabin, they can also enhance its aesthetic appeal. Consider enlarging your windows to let in more natural light and to infuse more views of the surrounding landscape into your interior space. New windows can be costly, but again, this type of upgrade will definitely increase your cabin’s value as well as your enjoyment of your space.

Electrical System

Upgrading your rustic cabin’s electrical system is an important safety measure, but it can also allow you to install more appliances over time if you choose to. For example, if you spend several weeks or months at a time at your cabin, you may wish to install a washer and dryer or to upgrade kitchen appliances. These types of appliances can overtax a rustic electric system, so it’s important to have your system checked by an experienced electrician and upgraded to meet code standards.

Security System

If your cabin sits empty for long stretches, you might worry about its security. A locked door doesn’t always keep a property secure, so consider installing a basic security system at your cabin so you can monitor it even when you’re back home. There are many affordable systems on the market today, and we can discuss which ones might best suit your needs.

Upgrading your rustic cabin with modern features is sure to enhance the time you spend there. Moreover, each of these upgrades can increase property value, which makes them great investments at the same time. Contact us to find out more great information.

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