7 Renovation Ideas for the Spring Season

Planning ahead for seasonal renovations is a great idea because it takes time to come up with a plan. As your contractor, we can help you source materials and develop a design plan for your vision. Whether you have a small-scale or large-scale plan in mind, let us help you bring your ideas to fruition. The following are some ideal renovations to plan for the spring.

Build a Four-Season Room Addition

If you love to experience fresh air but don’t fancy bugs or lawn chairs, consider creating a four-season room. Spring is a great time to build this new addition. You can install screens or actual windows on this addition. Without vents and access to your central heating, the room will probably not be comfortable during the winter; however, it is definitely worth considering as an addition as it can enhance your living space and add to your home’s value.

Build a New Deck

If your deck is in need of substantial repair, you might want to consider replacing it. Unlike patios which are associated with greater longevity, decks require regular maintenance and upkeep to remain in good shape. Even with proper care, however, wood can weaken and give out. You can create a deck that meets your household’s unique needs.

New Kitchen

A dated kitchen doesn’t get less dated over time. If you’ve been considering this big upgrade, why not make this spring the time to get it done. A new kitchen is an investment in your home but it’s one that offers great returns. Most people can factor in a kitchen renovation to their home’s asking price. If you plan to live in your home for years to come, you can renovate your kitchen to suit your style.

Porch Expansion

A porch expansion can add to your home’s curb appeal and also provide you with more outdoor living space to enjoy. We can help you develop a design that’s in keeping with your current porch and aesthetic style of your house. We can also tear down your old porch and start from scratch. Sometimes it’s easier to completely redo your porch than to attempt to match materials.

Open Floor Plan

Spring is the ideal time to perform major renovation because you can leave the windows open to promote good air circulation. An open floor plan that removes barriers between living spaces like the kitchen and family room is a renovation trend with staying power. Be sure to consult with us about creating a plan for this type of major home renovation.

Master Bedroom Suite

Longing for a master bedroom suite with a spacious bathroom spa? If you’ve got the space, you can revamp your bedroom for more luxurious living. To create your suite, you might want to combine rooms, which is ideal if you have a spare bedroom. You can include walk-in closets and other built-ins that reflect your personal preferences.

Kitchen Pantry

If your kitchen is small in size, you might be pressed to find adequate storage space. Consider installing a kitchen pantry just outside your kitchen. Depending on your space, we might be able to refashion a current closet or under-stairs-space into a fully functioning pantry with room to store food and kitchen gadgetry.

Talk to us about your spring renovation plans. We’ll help you update your space so that it perfectly suits your vision of home.

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