Adding a Coastal Touch to Your Bedroom Makeover

Planning a bedroom makeover can be a more enjoyable experience when you decorate with a theme in mind. A coastal theme can help you transform your bedroom into the calming sanctuary you crave. With some special features and sea-inspired accents, you can achieve a relaxing space that puts you in mind of your favorite island vacation.

Sea Breezes

You don’t have to live on the ocean to enjoy a breezy bedroom. With the help of a contractor, you can install a new ceiling fan in your bedroom that features large palm-shaped blades. When you use a ceiling fan, you’ll enjoy improved air circulation and you may even be able to run your air conditioning system less.

Island Style

When considering flooring for your coastal bedroom, opt for bamboo, a sustainable material that resembles the look of wood. Ultra strong and easy to care for, bamboo flooring makes an attractive base for your coastal setting. In addition, you might add beams to your ceiling and wainscoting to your walls to create the appearance of a cozy island hut or beachside villa. Our contractors can follow your design perfectly so that you wind up with the bedroom of your dreams.


When giving your bedroom a coastal makeover, you’ll want to incorporate colors that reflect the islands, the beach, and or tropical landscapes. Consider colors like sandy beige, sky blue, sunny yellow, and hibiscus red. The color palette you choose can evoke the type of coastal setting you have in mind. Similarly, you’ll want to choose textiles that complement your color scheme and greatly enhance your decorative aesthetic.

Natural Light

Be sure to consider your bedroom’s lighting scheme carefully when planning your new décor. If your windows are small, you might want to consider a renovation to install larger windows or even a bank of French doors. That way, you’ll be able to incorporate more natural light into your setting. You might also wish to install skylights as an added feature.

Decorative Accents

Adding a few coastal accents can help you perfect your bedroom makeover. From woven bamboo floor mats to seashell-bordered mirrors, you can find a wide array of accents that will help you create your ideal coastal setting. In addition, consider adding some tropical plants to your room to evoke an island clime.


Finally, don’t forget to include some paintings that showcase your favorite coastal locations. From the Amalfi coast to a Key West beach, you can hang artwork that will bring the coast right into your bedroom. If you have photographs coastal areas, consider enlarging them for our bedroom walls.

With these tips, you can create an enchanting setting that evokes any coastal stretch of your choosing. If you need help making any changes, our contractors are on hand to ensure your makeover goes as planned.

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