Adding Craftsman-Era Style to Your Modern Home

Craftsman-era style reflects an aesthetic that’s driven by artisans, people highly skilled in their design roles. Homes of the Arts and Crafts movement that were built after the Victorian era demonstrate a high degree of artistry that embodied a departure from the ornate in favor of cleaner lines and simple yet sophisticated motifs. Even if you live in a modern home today, you can infuse element of the craftsman era in your home to reflect a contemporary home paired with hints of vintage-inspired charm.


Homes of the Arts and Crafts era were invariably outfitted with hand-crafted items. From hand-crafted custom cabinets to hand-made tiles for bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes, the love for artisan-made goods as opposed to mass-produced commercial items was definitely in vogue. By working with our team of contractors, you can install custom cabinetry that reflects the craftsman aesthetic. You can further embody this period in your project by adding vintage hardware to your cabinets and adding other elements of this historic design movement to accompany your new kitchen cabinetry.


When it comes to Arts and Crafts homes, you can expect to find lots of hardwood features that range from floors and doors to cabinetry and furnishings. Oak wood is a cornerstone of the movement and known for its beauty and durability. These homes also boast stone or slate features. Designers were adamant about using high-quality materials that would not only enhance the look of the dwelling, but also stand the test of time. Our contractors can help you select high-quality materials for various rooms in your home to reflect this Arts and Crafts aesthetic.


Craftsman designers typically stuck to a color palette with ties to nature, so one would expect to find many shades of green and brown. You can certainly expand on this palette by drawing from other natural sources like darker shades of blue to reflect water or a stormy sky. Neutral walls could also be enhanced by artworks of the period or prints of celebrated Arts and Crafts-era paintings. We can help you transform your modern walls with professional paint jobs designed to showcase the colors of the Arts and Crafts world.


To emphasize the craftsman’s era in your home, you might want to add some tell-tale features associated with the design era like stained glass windows. If your home features a few ornamental small windows, we can replace clear glass with professionally wrought stained glass to create a lovely display. Since Tiffany & Co. featured prominently during the Arts and Crafts era, you might also want to include some replicated Tiffany light fixtures throughout your home that emphasize the artistry of the era.

Arts and Crafts design is particularly noted for its custom artistry. We value this type of work immensely and would be happy to discuss any craftsman project you have in mind for your home. Contact us today to get started.


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