ADU Contractor Near Berkeley

An ADU contractor is a specialist in designing and constructing an accessory dwelling unit. ADUs are a great way to increase the value of your home and take advantage of extra space.

Northern California’s most popular cities and their residents are facing a tough housing situation with limited space, available housing, and sky-high market prices. The City of Berkeley, home to UC Berkeley, where a large student population is sure to contribute to these challenges, is one such city; with the Berkeley Housing Authority’s average unit rent hovering over $2,000 per month. Thankfully, changes in the California housing legislation are now allowing homeowners to build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on their property much more easily in order to allow for more potential housing.

Benefits Of Having An ADU Contractor

Some of the benefits of having an ADU on a homeowner’s property could be either personal or financial. A personal reason could be creating accommodation and room for elderly family members or financial gain by, for example, renting a room to a local college student or AirBnB.

Investing In Constructing An ADU

Investing in an ADU on an existing (or non-existing) structure could allow a homeowner to save money rather than buy a new property at higher costs. The investment in constructing an ADU will change depending on the ADU’s specifications. The specifications depend on the use of it, be it a space for an office, studio, gym, theatre, or other personal preferences.

ADU’s For Rental Purposes

Some homeowners may choose to build an ADU to generate some income for an existing property. These units have a separate entrance, kitchen, and bathroom amenities. There are additional Berkeley ADU regulations around short and long-term rentals which homeowners will need to clarify before proceeding with this type of ADU. 

This is a great solution to mitigate risks around high rent prices which are making it difficult for young adults or elderly parents to find affordable housing. 

Overall although an ADU cannot be sold separately, it can increase the overall property resale value.  

Executing Your Architect’s Plan

If you already have approved architectural plans for an ADU and you would like to see it become a reality, Hometelligent has the manpower and know-how to get the job done correctly, on time, and within budget. If you do not have architectural plans, we work with a network of architects whom we can introduce you to. 

We are located in the Bay area and have decades of experience as ADU Contractors.  Hometelligent believes in delivering top-quality work and we make sure the construction and communication process is smooth.  If you need help with an ADU project, contact Hometelligent here.