Art Deco Inspiration for Your Living Room Makeover

The Art Deco era is a veritable playground for inspirational design. With its modern aesthetic and emphasis on sleek forms and innovative materials, the Art Deco movement continues to be favored among people who love vintage design. When planning your living room makeover, you can infuse elements of Art Deco design into your plan. Amazingly, many Art Deco motifs, materials, and designs still pair well with even today’s contemporary looks.

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is essential for any room of your home, so when planning your living room makeover, be sure to search for Art Deco fixtures or replicas of vintage fixtures to install in your setting. We can easily hang a vintage chandelier or mount wall sconces anywhere in your space. For something special, search for a rock crystal chandelier or a wall-mounted light featuring chrome and bakelite details. Adding more wiring is no problem, so you can plan where you want to hang each lighting feature in your living room. You can still find mint Art Deco fixtures online or even on auction sites like eBay.

Glamor Wall

If you want to make your living room appear more spacious while invoking an Art Deco aesthetic, redo a wall with floor-to-ceiling mirrored panels etched with a period design.  Not only will the mirrors enhance the décor of your space, but they’ll also reflect light wonderfully to uplift the atmosphere of your setting. Working with mirrored glass can be tricky, but we can professionally install these panels with custom precision. If mirrors aren’t your thing, consider a wall covered with marquetry, which is sure to elevate the sophisticated appeal of your living room.


When considering window treatments, you’ll want to avoid anything too ornate as the Art Deco aesthetic favors sleek lines and simple yet elegant designs. In fact, you can get away with installing Roman shades or colored fabric shades to enhance the privacy of your space. On the other hand, if you want to add some grandeur to your living room makeover, go for a bold Art Deco cornice complemented by straight panels of silk drapes. You can also find vintage Art Deco fabric online if you want to make your own drapes or you can search for ready-made drapes featuring Art Deco design motifs like lattice prints or geometric-inspired patterns.

Furnishings and Props

Finally, you can have loads of fun with your Art Deco makeover by searching for framed Art Deco prints, Art Deco planters and ceramics, and Art Déco furniture. Again, you can find many period pieces online, or you can also hunt through local antique stores to find great vintage pieces for your living room space.

The Art Deco era remains one of the most popular in terms of design. Because it continues to be so adored, it will never really go out of style, making it the perfect choice for your living room makeover. Contact us if you have any questions, we are here to help.


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