Backyard Playgrounds

Transforming your backyard into a playground is a dream-come-true for kids, but  also a great use for your yard, one that will keep kids active and busy. We have experience building multi-type playgrounds on both large and small-scale grounds. We can help you create a custom design with features that are personalized for your household.

What’s the Plan?

Investing in a backyard playground is a big step, so you’ll want to ensure it suits all your needs. You can add playground equipment to your backyard, fitness features, and even gaming stations for enjoying sports like basketball or soccer. While homeowners can purchase swing sets and other kit-type equipment, we take a comprehensive look at your yard to help you site equipment while ensuring that you have space for other must-have features for you and your household. Once a plan is formed, we can help you located high-quality materials at great rates.

Prepare the Yard

Many yards require some preparation before the installation of a playground. Our crews can come in and remove trees, stumps, shrubs, outbuildings, or other materials in order to ready your property for construction.

Create the Foundation

The foundation of your new background playground is an important consideration. Typically, your ground will need to be level before any apparatus can be put up. Some features may need to be cemented into the ground to ensure stability. Many families are interested to cover their backyard ground with a special playground covering designed to reduce shocks if children fall down. These coverings create a padded surface to enhance safety. We can help you select an affordable, low-maintenance covering for your new backyard playground if you choose.

Choose Age-Appropriate Equipment

When it comes time to select equipment for your playground, we can help you choose items that are age-appropriate. Certain types of wood, for instance, are better than others for this type of purpose. Ideally, you’ll want to use kid-friendly pressure-treated lumber that has been treated with organic fungicides and pesticides.

There are many high-quality kits available that we can install for you, but we can also custom design some pieces of equipment to suit your needs. If you have older children, we would recommend installing features that can help develop strength and agility.

Special Features

Many homeowners also want to install special features within or near to the playground like tree houses, playhouse, koi pond, child’s garden, blacktop for basketball, tennis court, or a canopy. These special features lend character to your backyard and can enhance your children’s outdoor experience.

Talk to us about some of the must-have features you want to include in your new backyard playground. We can help you design your custom playground in a manner that also complements your yard as a whole and integrates well with other backyard features like your patio or garden. We may even be able to help you cut costs with our discounts on premium-quality building materials. Contact us today to discuss your outdoor project. We look forward to building with you!

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