Beautiful Bathroom Built-Ins

Bathrooms can add must-have storage to small bathrooms as well as opulent style to large bathroom spaces. Beautiful bathroom built-ins enhance storage functionality as well as the look of your room. One of the nice features about built-ins is that they are customized for your bathroom, giving your setting a polished, sophisticated appearance. We specialize and can help you source, design, or install professionally made built-ins that will add character to your bathroom and help you keep bathroom essentials neatly organized yet easily accessible.

Recessed Shelving

In small bathrooms where space is an issue, recessed shelving can be the key to fulfilling your storage needs. The beauty of recessed shelving is that you can customize it to any space. You can add recessed shelves to a small strip of wall between two vanities. You can also install it to encompass an entire wall. We can frame your recessed shelves in any style you like to complement the decorative look of your bathroom.

Floor-to-Ceiling Medicine Cabinet

A traditional medicine cabinet doesn’t often suit the needs of large households. However, a floor-to-ceiling cabinet hidden by a long mirror is perfect for storing a myriad of bathroom toiletries and medicinal items. Moreover, the mirror is functional in its own right. You can design a medicine cabinet with any number of shelves. You can then choose a mirror that matches the look of your bathroom décor.

Above Door Cabinetry

The wall space above the bathroom door doesn’t typically serve any function. Why not transform this useless space with a cabinet? This type of cabinet is perfect for storing extra toilet tissue or your season towels–items you don’t need to access on a daily basis. You can create a cabinet that matches your bathroom vanity or other beautiful built-ins in your setting.

Recessed Cabinetry

If you want to avoid adding oversized or clunky armoires to your bathroom, consider installing some large recessed cabinetry. Certainly, these cabinets take up wall space, but they do not impede your floor space, which makes them ideal for minimalist spaces or small bathrooms. Plus, you can still hang art atop long cabinet doors to complement your décor. You use these cabinets to house all of your bathroom towels and toiletries.

Glass Cabinetry

If you want to make a glamour statement in your bathroom, opt for glass cabinet built-ins that show off your beautiful towels or any other items you want to display like vintage cosmetic containers or a special collection you want to show off like seashells or pottery. Again, like other types of built-ins, you can customize it to suit your bathroom space and storage needs.

We specialize in custom built-ins that will help you redefine the look and functionality of your bathroom. That said, custom built-ins don’t have to break your budget. We source materials from various outlets and are often able to pass on our discounts. Contact us about what you need in terms of storage and we can help you design your own beautiful built-ins that are sure to enhance your bathroom space.

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