Ceiling Renovations and Makeover Ideas

Changing the look of the ceiling in any room can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your setting. Many homeowners are interested in transforming their ceilings because they may not like the current finish. Popcorn finishes, once popular, are now one of the main reasons driving ceiling transformations. However, a ceiling renovation can even add to the functionality of a room. Consider the following renovation ideas and how they can update your home.

Cover Up a Problem

While many types of household problems like mold require remediation, a popcorn ceiling doesn’t technically require removal. It’s far more cost effective simply to cover the outdated ceiling. If you want to change the look of your ceiling without performing major renovations, consider covering the ceiling up. There are many ways to cover a popcorn ceiling. You can install thin wood planks or beadboard on the ceiling and then paint it in the color of your choice.

Tile Artistry

Today, there is a wide range of ceiling tiles available that can add a vintage or modern look to any room. Consider installing replica tin tiles in your kitchen. You can even create a focal point tiled square around ceiling lighting features to create upscale charm for any room. We can help you source tile supplies and make the installation for you in accordance with your design specifications. If you have a low ceiling, choose replica tin tiles that have intricate patterns; these will add lots of eye-catching appeal to your space.


Installing wood beams across your ceiling will allow you to create a vintage-inspired or rustic look for the room. Beams add architectural interest to the ceiling but can also be useful. You can add beams to a kitchen and hang items from them such as basketry or dried herbs and flowers. You can add beams to your living room ceiling and suspend hanging plants from them. Depending on the look and functionality you’re interested in, we can help you choose the right beams – either the real thing or faux wood beams – to suit your needs and budget.

Coffered Ceiling

Opt for a traditional look and install a coffered ceiling to your living room or family room. This type of ceiling adds old-world charm to your home as well as architectural interest for the ceiling. This type of ceiling adds great variation to any room and can work with a wide array of decorating ideas.

Textural Interest

A paint finish can add loads of visual appeal to your ceiling. If you’re looking to update the look of your room, consider having your ceiling professionally painted with a textural finish. Simply changing the color of your ceiling can also add a touch of drama to any room. You might also consult with a professional artist about installing a mural onto your ceiling.

Consider these ideas for updating the ceiling in any room of your home. We can visit your home to help you assess any project you have in mind. We’ll work up and plan and can even provide you with any upfront estimate for materials and our service.

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