Choosing Outdoor Shutters

If you’re thinking about enhancing your curb appeal, new  shutters can make a dramatic difference to your home’s appearance. Although shutters have historically served a function by protecting windows, they are largely decorative features today that can add to the visual appeal of your home’s exterior. You can purchase shutters that are ready made or customize them specifically for your house. Our team can help you choose materials and finishes, examine styles, select a type, and install them for the finishing touch.

Types of Shutters

Before shopping shutter styles, you should note that there are several types to consider. Solid and raised panel shutters are popular options that are known for their versatile appeal. While these shutters vary in size, they tend to pair well with both traditional and contemporary homes. Louvered shutters are also popular with homeowners. Historically, louvered shades were used to provide rain protection when shuttering windows. Board and batten shades were popular yesterday but continue to be the favored choice for rustic and cottage-style homes. Bermuda shutters function much like an awning and are mounted atop the window rather than beside it. Before making your selection, you’ll want to choose a type that’s sure to complement your house and add to its curb appeal.

Material Selection

Shutters are designed in numerous materials today. Aside from wood construction, shutters may be made from high-density PVC, fiberglass, composite materials, and even reclaimed materials. As you choose a material type, you’ll need to consider maintenance. Wood shutters, while authentic, will require upkeep. Some woods like cedar, for example, will stand up better to the elements than some types of wood. If you don’t want to spend time painting, sealing, or refinishing your shutters, you should choose a material like PVC that requires little to no maintenance.

Sizing Up Your Shutters

Choosing the right size can be difficult. We can help you measure to ensure that you order the perfect size shutters for your windows. Shutters should be sized to provide full window coverage if they were to close. Shutters that appear too small or too large can detract from the look of your house.


Many people opt for neutral-hued shutters, especially if they intend to sell their house in the near future; however, others like to order shutters that will deliver a pop of color to their exterior. Many ready-made shutters come in colors like red, green, and blue, but you can also prime and paint your new shutters any color you like. We routinely paint and refinish shutters and would be happy to help you prepare your shutters for hanging.


Remember, you can also custom make your new shutters. When you customize these window features, you can include cutouts that will add immense visual appeal to your house. A heart and or clover are some commonly sought out shapes for shutters. You can also insert decorative elements like period tiles into the shutters.

Once you choose a style and place your order, we can do all the installation for you. Shutters require expert installation to ensure that they don’t fall off the house or become loosened after a storm. Once the installation is completed, you’ll marvel at how new sets of shutters can truly rejuvenate the look of your house. Contact us to find out how your house can change its look.

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