Clever Ways to Divide a Room

Dividing a room is a great way to break up your living space in order to use each section for a different purpose. Whether you have an expansive room or simply want to break up an open floor plan, you can use the following ideas to transform your interior. Not only will these tips help you divide your space; they may even provide terrific functionality as a feature all their own.


A bookshelf divider is a useful feature that can help you divide up your space. You can choose open shelving or a double-side shelving unit to store your books and redefine your space. You can use units that go from floor to ceiling if you want each space to feel more enclosed or you can opt for bookshelves that go midway up the wall. Because there are so many shelving styles available today, you can choose a model that suits your décor.


Draperies can add color and style to your décor, but they’re not just for windows! You can use drapes to divide a room. The great thing about draperies is that you can open or close them depending on your needs. The fabric can also soften décor and help you create a new decorative look for your living space.


A grouping of plants can help you divide your space while adding natural charm to your setting. You can place your container plants on risers or plant stands and even suspend some in baskets or pots from your ceiling. You can literally create a living wall to divide your space. Best of all, many houseplants can help purify your interior air, so you’ll actually breathe easier once this feature is installed.

Half Wall

For experienced contractors, creating a half wall to divide a room is all in a day’s work. A half wall allows you to create division without minimizing the overall space. With this technique, your overall space will still feel expansive, but you’ll have the division you need to achieve dual purposes for each section. You can use the top of the wall to showcase photos, pottery, plants, or other household accents. You can even build cabinets or shelves into the wall for an added feature.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors or pocket doors used to be popular features in homes during the early 1900s. Today, some people are choosing to install them to section off their modern homes. If you have a cottage or rustic home, consider using sliding barn doors. You can also find more modern styles for your contemporary living space. Sliding doors are a good option if you don’t want permanent division of the space.

Keep these ideas in mind if you want to divide your living room, den, or other area of your home. These ideas aren’t overly expensive either. If you want to opt for a built-in or custom divider, talk to us and we can help you work up a design that suits your décor and your needs.

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