A Commercial Construction Contractor with True Craftsmanship
Commercial construction in the San Francisco Bay area involves building or renovating large spaces for use in the private or public sector. The end result could be for a specific client’s use or available for multiple businesses to purchase or lease.

Commercial construction projects can vary in scope, from renovations on small offices and restaurants to large-scale warehouses and medical buildings. These projects require different equipment and technology needs and are trending to more sustainable design builds. Sustainable commercial buildings aim to reduce resource and energy costs. It is not just new builds that can be green—previous projects can be retrofitted with green concepts that encourage solar and water conservation.

When deciding on a contractor for your commercial project, there are important factors to consider. Your San Francisco Bay area commercial construction contractor should:
Be licensed and insured
Supply a bid with a plan and project cost estimate
Have experience in the scope of your project
Provide a list of references
And of course, you should have a pleasant rapport with your commercial project contractor. It is essential to work with a team you find interactive and responsive.
At Hometelligent, we are committed to gaining your confidence with our experience, expertise, and excellent craftsmanship. As you consider teams to hire as your commercial construction contractor, we would welcome the opportunity to connect with you. We serve the San Francisco Bay area, including Berkeley, Oakland, and Albany. Reach out to us so we can discuss how we can best serve your commercial construction needs.