Consider These Garden Structures for Your Landscape

A garden structure can add terrific vertical interest to your space, but it can serve other functions too depending on the type of structure you choose. Arbors lend support to climbing plants but can also serve as a dividing point between sections of your property. Other structures might even provide some outdoor shelter from the sun. Keep these garden structures in mind for areas of your front or back landscape.

Garden Arbor

A garden arbor is a simple structure. If you don’t use garden fencing, it’s a great feature to delineate an entrance from your front to back yard. A garden arbor is typically shaped like an arch, so it makes a wonderful structure for climbing plants and vines like trumpet vine or climbing roses. Interestingly, you can find garden arbors that are ready made at most large garden centers. Some are simply crafted from wood and make great additions to cottage-style gardens. Others may be formal in appearance and mimic modern styles. Choose a sturdy arbor to ensure that it won’t be knocked down by wind or a storm.

Outhouse-Sized Shed

A simple yet small garden shed doesn’t have to take up any more space than a small closet would indoors, yet it can add a lot of visual appeal to any space even as it performs an important function like housing pool chemicals or garden rakes. A sleek little shed adds vertical interest to your space and can be created to enhance your exterior home. We can help you design and build any type of shed for your garden whether it’s small and simple or large and elaborate.

Free-standing or Attached Pergola

A pergola is a wonderful landscape feature for adding definition to your patio area. It can also make a good support for climbing plants that could help shade the area. Many people choose to hang baskets of plants from the frame of their pergola or even outdoor lighting fixtures. You can create a pergola in multiple different styles from Asian inspired to rustic timber frame.


A simple trellis is another way to add vertical interest to an area of your landscape. A trellis may be among the simplest of garden structures, but it can make a big impact when adorned with dazzling climbing plants like morning glory or clematis. If you do opt for an unfinished wood trellis, it makes sense to add a coat of sealer to help it withstand the elements better–and last longer.


A gazebo is another attractive garden structure that fulfills multiple functions. First, it can provide a sheltered space to sit outdoors. It can also provide space for a specific task like grilling or dining outdoors. We can help you source models for your gazebo or help you design a custom structure. Naturally, we’re here to help you construct your gazebo too.

If you are interested in building a garden structure for your landscape, be sure to consult with us. We can design and install a feature to your specifications, one that is sure to enhance your property and enjoyment of your space.

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