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Room Addition

Do you love your neighborhood and your home but crave more space? A room add-on to your house can be the right solution for you. This option allows you to stay in your current home and create the right space for your family and saves you the headache of moving!

A room addition can create much-needed space. Whether you want a larger primary bedroom with an extra bathroom or would like to have more entertaining space with a screened-in porch, a room add-on makes it possible in your current home. A project can be as small as adding an extra bump to your kitchen to fit a larger eat-in area or a mudroom to help contain and organize your home clutter.

Not only can a room add-on bring the space you need, it can also increase your home value. Adding usable square footage to your home can be a contributing factor to a higher value. If you are planning to remain in your home and utilize the space you want to create, a room add-on can be a solid solution for you.

room addition
room addition interior


When considering a room addition, it is important to consider the basic structure of your home. If you are thinking about adding a bedroom, bathroom, or porch area, consider the team who will be constructing that extra space. At Hometelligent, our highly skilled team will provide the best work to enhance your current house while adding the extra space you need. For more information on how we can help with your room add-on, reach out to us HERE

ADU Constructions Add On

Do you have dead space in your home? Or do you need additional room for your parents? Perhaps you’re interested in creating an Airbnb space for another source of income? ADU construction (Accessory or Additional Dwelling Unit) add-ons are a popular option and we are the right team to do this for you!

adu construction site

An ADU construction add-on is a secondary structure that sits on the same lot as your home. It can be attached to or detached from the main dwelling. Examples of an ADU add-on are a detached garage with livable space above it or a guest house.

As remote work has become more prevalent, so have the requests of building ADU construction add-ons. This type of structure can provide flexible space for work and play. You could create a home office, a workshop, or an area dedicated to visiting friends and family. An ADU add-on is also a viable option for creating additional income as a rental space that sits on a property you already own.

A recent study found that an ADU add-on can contribute 25%-34% of additional value to a property’s assessment. It was also found to increase the resale value of a residential home by an average of 51%. The square footage of the ADU add-on contributes to the overall square footage of your home.

adu construction design
adu construction ideas

There are several benefits to ADU construction:

While ADUs are small to medium-sized additions ranging from 850-1,000 sq ft, Junior Accessory Dwellings Units (JADUs) are a maximum size of 500 sq ft and are contained within a single-family home. JADUs include efficiency kitchens and sleeping quarters, and they offer flexibility when it comes to bathroom guidelines. A JADU can house its own bathroom or use the one available in the single-family property.

Both ADUs and JADUs must adhere to California’s requirements and be subject to various zoning regulations and rules, dependent on where you live. It is important to work with an experienced contractor who can help you navigate this process as a homeowner. For more information on how we can guide you along this ADU construction add-on process or for more examples of our work, contact Hometelligent at 800.298.2003.


Large Deck Construction

Whether on a cliff or over the ocean, large decks require advanced skills in construction. We have the construction engineering caliber to take architectural drawings and create breathtaking upper decking that will steal the show.

deck construction

Creating an outdoor space for entertaining is a project many homeowners want. Deck construction that is large enough to cater to all the amenities you want can be challenging. Working with a reputable contractor like Hometelligent can ensure that the large deck of your dreams is built to last.

Adding a large deck construction should enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. The design and layout should be carefully considered to reach your goals for function and entertainment. Do you want this to be a place for meals? Would you like an outdoor kitchen? Perhaps you a full bar? Other aspects to consider include seating arrangements, dining table options, or even a fire pit. Each of these decisions will impact the overall look and feel of your finished large deck. It is important to work with a team that can help guide you to the right choices.

deck renovation

As experienced contractors who have built many decks in the San Francisco Bay area, we know which deck materials will work best and which lighting should be included to achieve your ideal style. We offer top-notch craftsmanship at a competitive rate. Request a quote from us at (800) 298-2003.

From Design to Implementation

With a kitchen remodel designed to your exact specifications by our professional team, you may realize all of your culinary dreams. Enjoy cooking every day in the kitchen of your dreams.

Our crews are highly skilled and dedicated to delivering their best work to every job. If you have a custom project in mind, we’ll work with you to design, source material, and implement the job to your ultimate satisfaction. We know that each project is an investment in our clients’ homes and we tackle each renovation as if it was our own home. This is the way we serve our customers and have built our company.

Smart Spaces

Hometelligent is committed to innovative design. Smart kitchens aren’t merely a trend; their advanced functionality will enhance your enjoyment of your home and may even improve its value considerably. We will help you tailor your smart space to meet your household’s needs by recommending the ideal materials for the job along with smart kitchen features that let you enjoy the kitchen of tomorrow today!

Beautiful Design

When you contract with Hometelligent, you can be assured of our dedication to creating aesthetically pleasing spaces. Whether you want to install an ultra-modern kitchen or a kitchen that brims with old-world elegance, we can develop a plan that suits your idea of beauty. Because we have experience working with every design style, we have the know-how to realize your vision and make it your reality.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs / Patio Remodel

Indoor-outdoor living experiences can be bliss designed and built just for you. We transform architectural plans into the most amazing outdoor living experiences, so you can enjoy the pleasures of al fresco dining in the California sunshine.

outdoor kitchen setting

Do you love being outside with your friends and family, hosting parties and get-togethers? Creating an outdoor kitchen or patio is the additional living space that allows you to entertain with ease and make lasting memories with those you love in your own home.

While an indoor kitchen is an essential part of any home, an outdoor kitchen is the entertainment hub that is every homeowner’s dream. It is the special touch that allows you to entertain more people in an expanded setting. Whether you are grilling or hosting a potluck, having a space dedicated to prepping and cooking outside allows you to socialize and interact as the meal is being prepared. This outdoor station also keeps aromas and strong smells outside, while your indoor space remains fresh.

Your dream outdoor kitchen can be customized to complement the aesthetic of your home. Flooring, countertops, appliances, and lighting should be selected with a cohesive look in mind. The flow of the outdoor kitchen is also a top priority. Pay attention to the space and how you want to operate your outdoor kitchen either with a few family members or when you want to host a party for dozens.

Not only does an outdoor kitchen make your home more enjoyable, but its amenities also increase the value of your home. Outdoor kitchens help homes sell for nearly 30% more than expected, according to Zillow. Industry standards state that outdoor kitchens return between 100-200% of the improvement cost. This addition to your home is a worthy investment.

backyard kitchen
outdoor kitchen design


Alternatively, building an outdoor patio in the San Francisco Bay area is an affordable way to increase your home value. Outdoor patios appeal to many buyers as it contributes to more backyard living and entertaining. It offers a hard surface that can accommodate many goals: from creating a lovely furniture layout to a play area for children and pets.

Another great reason to create an outdoor patio is that it can be designed in any shape or size. The options are practically limitless! You can choose to have your outdoor patio right off your backdoor for a deck-like feel or create a space in your yard away from the home for a more secluded aesthetic. It is the ideal setting for hosting get-togethers, holiday celebrations, and hangouts both large and small. And best of all, the cleanup is easier because it takes place outside. No need to worry about the interior of your home when entertaining on an outdoor patio.

Selecting materials for a San Francisco Bay area outdoor patio is based on your individual needs. It is important for the patio to reflect the style of the home, and various design elements can be included to reflect the homeowner’s personality. Those design elements can include:

grill station
design outdoor kitchen

Working with an architect to design these outdoor details is the first step in creating your custom outdoor living space, whether it be a outdoor kitchen or patio. Our team at Hometilligent can take that dream design and make it a reality. Once we have completed your project and you enjoy your outdoor space, you’ll wonder how you ever entertained without one. Reach out to us for more information on the construction of your new outdoor kitchen or patio space in the San Francisco Bay area.

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