Create a Farmhouse Kitchen

Today’s most charming farmhouse kitchens provide just the right balance of modern convenience and rustic ambience. Using materials like reclaimed wood and vintage décor can help you perfect your kitchen renovation. The farmhouse style is an American classic, but you can also put your own stamp on its design and look. Consider the following ideas as you put together your farmhouse kitchen plan.

The Focal Point

When creating your perfect farmhouse kitchen, you might want to install a focal point that will help you set the design tone for your space. Think about installing a brightly hued utilitarian stove that sports a great antique look. We can also help you create a custom kitchen island that provides plenty of meal preparation space, dining space, and storage. If you’re creating a dine-in farmhouse kitchen, you’ll also want to make your kitchen table a strong focal point. We can even help you create a custom table or breakfast nook that fits perfectly in your space.

Reclaimed Wood

To create rustic farmhouse style, think about adding reclaimed wood beams to your kitchen ceiling and wall. You can also use reclaimed wood to design your kitchen island. Reclaimed wood flooring and shelves will help you achieve that vintage farm-style look you’re going for. Choose a barn door made from reclaimed wood to enclose your pantry or kitchen entrance. We can help you source best-quality reclaimed wood for your renovation project.

Mixed Materials

Reclaimed wood isn’t the only way to convey your farmhouse aesthetic. Consider combining an array of materials that have been used in farmhouse styles. Choose galvanized steel to adorn your kitchen island. Use old-fashioned subway tile to create a backsplash for your farmhouse sink. Brick, stone, iron, wood–all of these materials can combine to help you transform your kitchen into your farmhouse oasis.

Country Accents

If chickens, roosters, and cows aren’t your cup of tea–no problem! Farmhouse style doesn’t have to resemble a barnyard if you don’t want it to. You can decorate your kitchen with other farmhouse accents like kitchen antiques, old advertisement signs, and gingham fabric. For a sleek, contemporary farmhouse kitchen, you can avoid the more kitschy accents in favor of bare walls painted a vintage hue.

Salvaged Materials

Using salvaged materials in home renovations is a popular trend. We can install these types of materials in your design plan. We may be able to help you source materials like apron-style sinks, old cabinet doors, vintage hardware, and even teak countertops to help you achieve your ideal farmhouse look. You can also repurpose many items that you have on hand for your kitchen makeover. Turn old lumberjack shirts into seat covers for counter stools. Use decorative legs from an old table as accents for a custom shelving unit.

There are many ways you can create a farmhouse look for your kitchen. Talk to us about helping you design a renovation plan and source the ideal materials for your makeover. We look forward to helping you realize your vision for your perfect farmhouse kitchen.

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