Create a Home Bar

A home bar has the potential to be a genuine focal point of the house, a place where gatherings occur and celebrations happen. Of course, it’s also a practical space where you can host special events for family and friends while keeping the libations organized in one convenient space. We can help you to create an elaborate home bar complete with a sink and all the electricity you need to operate your bar’s dishwasher, wine cooler, and various other appliances or a basic model that enhances your family or recreation room.

The Bar

The actual bar is sure to be the anchor of your bar space. Typically a long counter, bars provide a space for guests to set their drink while sitting and relaxing. The interior side of the bar traditionally would be fashioned with shelving and cabinetry to hold glassware, bottles of liquor, and other items the home barkeeper would need to serve guests. Today, homeowners have the option of purchasing commercial-made bars in a multitude of styles or crafting their own bar to their own design specifications.

We have experience installing both–commercial or bespoke models. It all depends on our clients’ vision. Although custom-made bars can be expensive, there are many DIY models and kits that drastically reduce the expense. No matter what you decide, we can help you source your bar or the materials for its construction. By working with our experts, you can ensure that your bar will be installed professionally.


Depending on the size of the bar you plan to add to your home, you’ll likely need some additional storage, especially if the bar itself is compact in size. Some common storage features in home bars include storage for wine bottles, wine glasses, shelves or cabinets for additional glassware, and shelves for liquor. You might want to install locked cabinets as well as cabinetry for drink mixes and other assorted supplies to make cocktails for guests. Although these things can be purchased on their own, if you’re creating a luxury bar area, you may want to design the entire space with matching furnishings to achieve a more harmonious look for the space.

Luxury Bar Features

To create your home dream bar, you’ll want to outfit it as if it were an actual bar you might find in a small lounge. For instance, you’ll need refrigeration and freezer capabilities, so you can have ice and cool beverages on hand. A dishwasher in the bar area will help you keep the area tidy and prevent you from having to cart glasses back and forth from your kitchen. If you like wine, the installation of a bar area may necessitate the acquisition of a wine cooler or built-in wine storage.

When you add a bar to your home–either as part of your recreation area, den, or within a room of its own, you’ll find that it’s the ideal place to entertain guests. The more thought you put into the design, the better you can tailor it to your space and your needs. Consult with us about a custom-designed bar area. We can work with you to achieve your perfect bar design.

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