Create a Sophisticated Dining Room with Lots of Storage

A dining room makeover is a great way to enhance your enjoyment of your setting while also improving the functionality of the space. Since storage features are a household element that’s important to many people, you may wish to outfit your new dining room with attractive storage features that provide you with the added storage you need to store a wide array of items. Consider installing some of the following features when you remodel this important setting of your home.

Built-In Corner Hutch

A built-in corner hutch is a great way to make use of a space that’s often unused. When planning your make-over, consider creating a custom corner hutch for your setting that boasts a closed bottom cabinet where you can store kitchen or dining room items that you don’t usually use like your fondue set or party-sized punch bowl. You might also design your hutch with an attractive top cabinet that features a glass-panel door. In this section, you might showcase your wedding or holiday china or a special pottery collection.

Floor-to-Ceiling Shelving

If you like the concept of open shelving, consider installing floor-to-ceiling shelves along a wall of your renovated dining room. This is a particularly attractive option if you have a special collection to showcase such as early American cooking implements or collectible set of dishes or vintage glassware. Some people enjoy making a collection of cookbooks a focal point for their dining space. You can install wall shelving to enhance the decorative style of your room by selecting materials like wood or stainless steel.

Overhead Cabinetry

Depending on the style of your setting, you may require extensive cabinet space to store dishes or other dining necessities. Overhead cabinetry is an effective storage option that won’t detract from the floor space of your dining room. Overhead cabinetry is an effective option, especially if you have an open kitchen-dining room floor plan. You can install cabinetry that ties in with the cabinetry of your kitchen. From bake ware to pots and pans, your overhead cabinets can provide you with a wealth of extra storage space.

Window Bench Seating

You can play up a window in your dining room by turning it into a focal point with a custom bench seat that doubles as a storage cabinet. This type of feature may be ideal for storing oddly shaped or large-sized cooking gear like a wok or fryer–items you may not use except on periodic occasions. Your bench will also provide added seating for your setting.

Keep these storage ideas in mind for your new dining room setting. We can help you design and install these useful yet attractive storage features. Contact us for more information.

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