Creating Storage without Losing Floor Space

There are many types of storage solutions for homes  today, but many require precious floor space that you might not want to sacrifice. By employing some custom storage solutions and options that won’t impede with your floor plan, you can get the extra storage you need without losing floor space. The following ideas could be the ideal storage solutions you’re looking for.

Overhead Cabinets

Don’t want to crowd your floor space with storage solutions? No problem. Just make use of your overhead space. We can create custom cabinets in any style to suit your space. We can add overhead cabinetry to kitchens, home offices, laundry rooms, or any other room where you can use more storage space. Having optimum storage allows for a better-organized home. With custom cabinetry, you can ensure that household items can be conveniently stowed but also easily accessible.

Hidden Storage

Many homeowners are opting for hidden storage features to hide valuable items like jewels or simply to mask unattractive items like electronic media or game consoles. We can install hidden storage spaces behind mirrors or your framed artwork. Because these features are built into your walls, they don’t impede your interior space whatsoever.


With a system of floating shelves or overhead shelves, you can create a visually arresting feature that doubles as added storage for your home. The key to reliable shelving is durability. We will advise on high-quality shelves that complement the look of any room while providing space to store household essentials like dishes or even special collections like antique books or art glass.

Wall to Open Bookcase

Many homes feature non-load bearing walls or half walls that can be converted into storage solutions like bookcases or open shelving units. Because these units take the place of an existing wall, they aren’t using up any extra floor space, but are adding immensely to your storage capabilities. This can be a dynamic and attractive storage solution that lets natural light flow through your space even as you showcase household items like pottery or glassware.

Riser Platform with Hidden Storage

Do you hate lugging all your holiday decorations down from the attic? Consider installing a riser in your family room, for instance, that allows you to keep your floor space but provides hidden storage beneath the platform. This type of solution gives your room a dynamic appearance. You can create a shallow riser that runs along an entire wall. It can be sturdy enough to hold arm chairs and a side table but features underneath storage for seasonal items or any other materials that you only need to access a few times a year.

There are lots of ways to get creative with household storage. We enjoy designing custom storage solutions that not only suit the style of the home, but also promise not to impede the home’s floor plan. If you want to create some additional storage in your home but don’t want to lose valuable floor space, be sure to consult with us so we can find optimum solutions for you.

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