Creating Your Great Attic Getaway Space

Converting your attic into added living space for your home is a great way to add value to your home, but it can also enhance life for everyone in your house. An attic makeover takes time to plan, but with quality renovation and a thoughtful design, you can achieve a space that fulfills the needs of your household–even if that space is only meant to function as a relaxing retreat.

Assess the Space

Some attics are easier to transform than others. The first part of any plan is making an assessment of your attic to determine a course of action. Will you need to install dormers? How is the insulation? Do you need to install ductwork? When you work with us, we can help you create a plan based on how you want to use the space. Our goal is to create expansions that complement the style of the home’s architecture while fulfilling our client’s needs.


After you assess your space and begin to develop your plan, you’ll need to create a budget. A budget will inform a myriad of purchase considerations. We will help you find great deals on materials that are just right for your attic getaway. In some cases, it will make sense to choose bamboo over hardwood or to use reclaimed materials instead of pricier new materials. We can also help you create and stick to your budget with our experience and know-how.

Essential Features

Many customers have a definite wish list when it comes to their renovation–items of the project that are musts. When designing your attic retreat, you’ll need to consider what elements you simply have to have. For instance, do you have to have more natural light? Do you have to include built in storage or a powder room addition? As you contemplate the space’s essential features, you can form a foundation for your attic’s design.

Elements of a Retreat

Once your bare-bones plan is in place, you are likely ready to begin filling in the design with those elements that will enhance comfort. In other words, what type of attic retreat are you after? Do you want a tech-friendly space with a big screen television and sumptuous oversized seating or do you want to enjoy a tech-free space that functions as a quiet library or reading nook. Your retreat can also have multiple functions depending on your needs. It might be the perfect place to set up your sewing machine or the idea space for a gaming room. It might be the ideal site to place a guest room that doubles as a home office.


Finally, you’ll need to consider how to decorate your retreat. You can choose soothing paint colors or a vibrant wallpaper. You’ll want to consider window coverings, furnishings, and floor coverings. The final touches will transform your attic into the retreat you’ve been pining for. If the space is on the small side, keep in mind that we can help you create and install custom furnishings that are built into the walls if need be.

Keep these ideas in mind as you contemplate your attic makeover. We can advise you throughout the planning process to ensure that your renovation stays on budget and will ultimately enhance the look and functionality of your house. Contact us for more information on your attic space.

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