Custom Home Trends to Consider

Property owners who choose to build their own homes or perform large-scale renovations love the idea of customization. After all, building or designing to suit your own preferences is the ideal way to create a living space that suits your lifestyle and your household’s needs. If you’re thinking about customizing some features of your home in the coming year, be sure to reflect on these exciting custom home trends.

Reclaimed Materials

With the focus on sustainability remaining strong among homeowners, contractors are expecting to work more heavily with reclaimed materials in the coming year. One popular material is reclaimed wood that used to create custom flooring. Homeowners love to install durable hardwood in their home while knowing that using a reclaimed variety will contribute to a healthier planet. Other reclaimed materials include stone, iron, and brick.

Integrating the Indoor and Outdoor Space

With increasing use of outdoor spaces as family living space, the line between inside and out is becoming more blurred. Some homeowners are choosing to customize their homes by knocking out entire sections of wall and installing floor-to-ceiling sliding doors. Expansive views add more natural light to the interior and the sliding feature is perfect for blending the patio and indoor setting.

Custom Kitchen Features

Homeowners particularly love to customize their kitchens to suit their household’s needs. Some people are redesigning their cabinetry to install special appliances like wine coolers. Others are installing work-horse islands designed to enhance the room’s functionality. Other custom kitchen features like open shelving, walk-in pantries, and breakfast niche spaces are also popular with home renovators.

Farmhouse Features

Although the fancy for industrial materials and design is still a popular trend among many homeowners, the popularity of farmhouse features is forecasted among designers to make a big splash in the year ahead. From sliding barn doors throughout the home’s interior to farm-house entryways that put the fun in function, this trend may have rustic roots, but it can even look great in more modern houses when integrated well with décor.

Meditation Spaces

Naturally, there’s still a lot of excitement for smart home features, but increasing numbers of homeowners are customizing their setting to include a space that is decidedly un-tech. From sun rooms to yoga spaces, these rooms tend to be minimalist in style and are designed specifically for unplugging.

Low-Impact Landscapes

Homeowners are increasingly requesting landscape contractors to install native species in their setting to create a low-impact landscape. Adding plants that are native to the region means that less watering and care is involved. In this way, the setting reduces its footprint and also usually means that less maintenance is required. Designing with native plants is a custom project that can definitely enhance the aesthetic charm of a property too.

As you consider new renovation projects for your home, consider how these custom trends could improve your setting. If you have a custom project or feature in mind, be sure to call or contact us to discuss it today.


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