Design Your Paris-Inspired Powder Room

When you want to spice up your setting with a makeover, consider pepping up your powder room with a Parisian transformation. Paris, as they say, is always a good idea. You can infuse some Paris style into your bathroom setting to create timeless style that’s sure to enhance the beauty of your home. With a few makeover tips and renovation ideas, your powder room can take a Parisian vacation that never ends.


When considering flooring for your Paris powder room, try to opt for something classic like black and white tile. Black and white tiling will provide you with a neutral base that pairs easily with any color scheme you have in mind for your Paris bathroom. You can choose a checkerboard type of tile design or a vintage-inspired damask tile pattern. Black and white tile remains a chic option that never really goes out of style. Because tile is essentially moisture resistant, it’s perfect for any powder room or bathroom.


When designing your Parisian-style setting, consider opting for vintage-inspired fixtures for your sink. Rather than chrome or brushed nickel, look for ceramic fixtures, bronze, or even brass. Your fixtures may seem like small details, but a vintage-looking one is apt to evoke a classic French aesthetic more than a modern fixture can. If you aren’t sure what to select, our design experts can help you choose something perfect for your setting.


When designing your Paris powder room, you can select colors that are pleasing to you. Paris doesn’t have a prescribed color scheme, though when searching for Parisian design inspirations, you’re apt to come across color palettes of pink and black and red and black. On the other hand, you might want to select colors that are associated with the City of Light such as the colors present in Monet’s Water Lilies or colors associated with autumn in Paris.


When decorating your Paris powder room, you could opt for over-the-top Paris-inspired props like a framed poster of the Eiffel Tower or you could choose more subtle reminders of Paris. For instance, you could hang a few framed vintage Paris postcards or you could add a few vintage Paris fashion posters to the walls. Consider framing a few enchanting photographs of Paris gardens or lesser-known landmarks to place in your powder room.

A themed powder room will be fun for you as well as your guests. Before deciding on your renovations, take some time to look through French design books. You can also gather some ideas by visiting Paris hotel websites and browsing their photo galleries. The historic hotels, in particular, will offer some amazing design ideas for your own Parisian setting. We can also help you finalize your makeover plans. Contact us to find out more.


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