Designing a Kid-Friendly Backyard

Whether you opt to install a few low-key features or decide to do a major overhaul, you can make your backyard a more kid-friendly environment that will keep your kids happy (and busy) day in and day out. Not only is playing outdoors fun for kids, but it’s also healthful for them to get exercise and fresh air. By designing a backyard that your kids will love, you can ensure that they’ll want to play there day and day–and their friends likely will too!

Tree Swing

Kids love to play on swing sets, but if you don’t want to install a commercial swing set, consider hanging a swing or tire from a sturdy tree limb. It often happens that old-fashioned backyard features are still things that resonate with kids. A contractor can help you site and install a tree swing that your kids will be excited to use every sunny day.

Chalkboard Walls

If you are willing to install a section of wall to replace some fencing, you can add a chalkboard wall to your backyard setting. You can also prop your chalkboard wall up anywhere in your backyard. With a can of chalkboard paint, you can even create this feature yourself.

Tree House

If you have sturdy trees, a tree house is easily one of the most desirable kid-friendly backyard features. One of our contractors can help you design a tree house your kids are sure to love. When professionally built, you can rely on your tree house to be safe and securely sited in a strong tree.


If you prefer not to build a tree house, consider building a backyard playhouse where your kids can imagine and pretend. Our contractors can build a dream house for either a boy or a girl and customize features that suit your kids’ interests.


If you have young children, a sandbox can be loads of fun for kids. Although you can always opt for a store-bought model, a sandbox that’s build on site can be tailored to your home’s aesthetic style. You can customize your sandbox to any size you like and even include special features like slides or umbrellas.

Child’s Garden

Installing a love for growing things in young children is always a great idea. You can install a special kid-friendly garden that kids can weed, water, and learn to tend themselves. You can install plants known to attract hummingbirds a d butterflies as well as vegetables that your kids can actually harvest and eat.

Designing a kid-friendly backyard takes some planning, but it’s completely worth the effort. Once your kids experience an outdoor setting that’s tailored to their fun in mind, they’ll likely want to spend as much time there as possible. We’re here and happy to help with any contracting questions you may have. Contact us today if you are interested in finding out more.


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