Designing a Multi-Level Deck

If you and your family enjoy spending time in the warm sunshine, maybe it’s time to enhance your outdoor living space by creating a multi-level deck that allows you to spend quality time outdoors in a comfortable setting that’s tailored to your needs. A deck with multiple levels allows you to diversify your outdoor living space to create areas for lounging, cooking, or even gardening. A new deck makes an enjoyable feature for your entire household, but it can even add value to your home.

Double-Decker Deck

If you have a two-story home, you can actually create a deck that goes from the ground to your second story. This type of model is ideal if you’d like to walk from your master bedroom, for example, onto your deck to sunbathe or enjoy reading a book outdoors. Of course, your ground floor deck can accommodate your grill and outdoor dining set so that you have a feature that suits various household needs. A simple staircase can combine your two deck floors to create a unified piece of construction that integrates your house with the outdoor setting.

Tri-Level Deck

You don’t have to necessarily build to your second story to create a dynamic deck. A low-to-the ground tri-level deck is an eye-catching feature that includes deck floor set on distinct levels that may only be two to three steps different in height. If plan to build your deck on ground that slopes, this might be a solution that plays well with your property. On the other hand, even if your land is perfectly flat, creating a deck on multiple levels lends an aesthetic touch to your outdoor space and offers you that ability to use the various levels for different purposes that range from cooking to lounging.

Enclosed Multi-Level Deck

Sometimes homeowners prefer to create a ground floor deck that’s actually semi-enclosed and supports and upper deck that’s used for outdoor dining or sunbathing. This lower deck might be ideal for storing a portable grill, pool toys, or lounge chairs without detracting from the appearance of the setting. You can also enclose sections of other deck floors with fencing or bench seating that is perfect for households that do a lot of outdoor entertaining.

Deck and Pergola

Some people like a touch more privacy for their deck and opt for a type of roof. A pergola is an open-work type of structure that is ideal for hanging baskets of flowers or for growing climbing vines. The vines create shade or the deck yet still allow for plenty of natural light to seep into the space. You can also create arbors or gazebos atop to your deck to enhance its look and your enjoyment of your outdoor space.

Decks can be ornate or simple. You can design a custom deck that suits your household’s needs and we’ll build it for you to spec. Contact us to discuss the multi-level deck of your dreams.


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