Do You Need New Gutters or Gutter Repairs?

Homeowners are constantly plagued by this question: repair or replace? Need new gutters?When it comes to gutters–and their expense–it’s may be a challenging question to answer. First, it’s important to have a gutter system that functions optimally, or you could risk damage to your home. The gutter system moves water away from your house. If the gutters are damaged or in a state of disrepair, rainwater can flow down the side of the home and pool at its foundation. Over time, this can lead to serious moisture problems that could include the development of mold, mildew, and rot. While many gutter issues can be repairs, sometimes it’s more practical to invest in a new gutter system. The following information will help you make that call.

Get an Evaluation

If you notice a problem with your gutters like sagging or, perhaps, they’re pulling away from the house, you can call us or your gutter contractor to provide you with an assessment of the problem. There are also sorts of issues that can cause your gutters to malfunction. There could be a problem at a seem that’s leading to rust or mildew. Sometimes a clog is the cause of a gutter problem. The fact is, you can’t make an informed decision about whether to repair or replace your gutters unless you have a professional inspection.


Fortunately, many gutter problems can be repaired for a much less expensive cost than replacement. For instance, if a section of your gutters is sagging, it’s probably because the posts need to be repaired, and that’s a relatively minor and inexpensive job. Many homeowners will also opt for repairs if the problem is contained to one section of the gutter system. For instance, if only one gutter section is warped or damaged because of a falling tree limb, for instance, it will be considerably cheaper to replace that single section rather than the entire system.


Many homeowners will opt for gutter replacement if their gutters are damaged or rusting in multiple sections. Once gutters begin to rust and deteriorate, repair costs will escalate. Leaks that occur in multiple sections often necessitate replacement rather than repair. Your contractor can provide you with a cost estimate for repair work as well as the cost for a new gutter system. Keep in mind that poorly functioning gutters can damage your house–and that can spell reduced home value and substantial repair costs. New gutters are also an investment in your home’s value.

It’s a good idea to have your gutters professionally inspected periodically. Small timely repairs can prevent big problems later on. If you do choose to replace your gutters, remember that routine maintenance can enhance their longevity. We can clean and inspect your gutters annually or whenever you need. It’s difficult to determine if you should repair or replace your gutters until you have a professional check them out. Once you do, you’ll have the information you need to make a smart decision about how to proceed.

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