Do You Suffer from Allergies? These Home Improvements Can Help

If you’re an allergy sufferer, you know how uncomfortable it can be when your symptoms are triggered. Allergens like dust, pollen, and pet dander can lead to relentless bouts of sneezing and itchy, watery eyes. Naturally, you want to feel as comfortable in your home as you can, so you might want to make some home improvements that actually reduce the allergens in your setting. If you suffer from common allergies, consider the following improvements.

Remove Your Carpets

Carpeting can make a home feel cozy, but it is notorious for trapping allergens. In fact, with every step on your carpet, you release these allergens. Wall-to-wall carpeting and padding is the biggest culprit. We can help you remove your carpet and refinish your flooring if need be. Wood, tile, or linoleum flooring will not harbor allergens like carpeting does. If you like, you can still include area rugs, but if your allergies are severe, you might want to do away with these as well.

Inspect for Mold

Mold is a big allergen. Unfortunately, we can’t always see it. Mold is insidious. It can grow inside our walls and in our ceilings. By the time we suspect it, it can be a major problem that requires expensive removal and repairs. Moisture is the genesis for mold. If you have leaky pipes or damaged gutters, they could be paving the way for a mold problem. Be sure to keep your roof, gutters, and pipes in good working order so you can reduce the chance for mold growth.

Install Exhaust Fans

Good interior air circulation can help you keep your interior air fresh. Although many homeowners have fans, they just blow the interior air around. We can install true exhaust fans that blow the stale, interior air outside. These fans remove many allergens as well as cooking and pet odors. They also help remove humidity, and that can reduce the risk for mold. Remember, if you’re only venting into your attic space, you’re simply loading up your attic with allergens like mold spores. A real exhaust fan will blow these problematic allergens outside, leaving your interior air easier to breathe.

Change Air Filters

It’s important to change the filters for your HVAC system routinely. This can help keep your vents cleaner for a longer period of time. While many homeowners choose to tackle this chore on their own, we can help out if need be. Vent cleaning is typically a job for the pros. If your home is loaded with allergens, you should consider having your vents cleaned as you perform other allergen-reducing improvements.

Hang Blinds

Draperies offer an attractive aesthetic for homes, but they, like carpeting, can harbor lots of common allergens. You might want to replace them with blinds. We can install easy-to-clean blinds in any room of your home. With routine dust removal, your blinds won’t trigger any allergy attacks.

Once you make these improvements, you’re sure to feel some relief in your home. If you need assistance making any improvements, contact us for help.

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