Don’t Cut Out Those Corners! Tips for Making the Most of a Corner Space

Wide open expanses of space are easy to design and decorate, right? If you’re like most people, it’s the tricky spots like corners that go unused because you’re just not quite sure what to do with them. Say goodbye to bare, boring corners forever.

Use this guide to learn more about making the most of those awkward corner spaces throughout your home. With your corners complete, you’ll have a designer-inspired space you love spending time in.

Show Off Your Art Collection

Unused corner wall space can make your room look unfinished. A simple, easy way to add style to your space is to create your own gallery wall with a range of framed prints and art pieces. In general, a mix-and-match approach that showcases your favorite pieces will give your room a personal touch that you’ll love. It will also look spectacular to your guests.

Don’t have any art pieces yet? Better start shopping! The good news is that small pieces in frames are generally much more affordable than large art works, so designing your own gallery wall shouldn’t break the bank.

Hang a Plant

Mix in some greenery throughout your home by hanging a plant from the ceiling. While you should look for local plants that like your climate and level of sunlight, we think succulents are a smart choice for just about any space. Ferns are also having a big year!

Got an extra-tall space? Opt for a potted plant like an olive tree or palm instead.

Add Shelving

For corners that are shaped more like a nook, built-in shelving can make your space a whole lot more functional. Not sure what type of shelving to add? Consider shelves that match other decorative items in your room. For example, if you have a lot of wood in your space, a matching wood type will make your new storage corner look like it has always been there.

Pro Tip!

Add an ottoman or other small seating piece at the bottom of your corner shelving space. It will make your shelving look more natural and double as overflow seating for friends and family.

Build a Dry Bar

Ideal for spaces where you entertain guests, adding a dry bar to your living room or den doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor. Without water hookups, all you really need is one or two small, built-in refrigerators, a few storage cabinets and a bar top.

Add matching cabinetry above your new dry bar that extends all the way up to the ceiling to store items like cocktail glasses, mixers, spare spirits and snacks. Don’t have room for a built-in dry bar? A bar cart is another great choice for an unused corner.

Create a Space for Your Pets

Are you a cat person or a dog person? If you have pets, you probably know all too well the joys of removing pet hair from your favorite sofa or bedding. What if you could use those corners and reclaim the furniture designed for humans in the process?

Utilize your corners as sleep spaces for dogs with large, comfortable beds and a basket of toys. For cats, bedding is also a fine option, but tall cat trees to give your felines a place to play might be a little more useful.

Kiss those empty corners goodbye with one of these five ideas to help you spruce up your space. Whether you need storage, a place for pets or just plain style, one of these tips can help you bring your room to life in a hurry!

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