Don’t Make These Renovation Planning Mistakes

Planning a renovation is fraught with many details. From the budget to material selection, the decisions pile up. During the planning phase, it’s important to consult with experts like our contractors who have the experience and expertise needed to help people avoid common renovation mistakes. It’s important to plan carefully or you might find yourself making these unfortunate renovation snafus!

Cost Mistakes

Many people wind up underestimating the costs of their renovation, especially when they take the DIY route or work with an inexperienced contractor. We provide upfront costs as a reputable service provider should. As your contractor, we are obligated to tell you that additional costs can arise if we uncover surprises like a colony of black mold hiding behind your walls. It’s important to build some cushion into the budget to account for these types of occurrences.

Making Changes Mid-Project

It happens. You see a certain material in place and you simply don’t like it. Making changes can often increase costs and throw your project off schedule. That said, making a change or two is perfectly understandable. However, if you’re making lots of changes, you may not have planned as carefully as you could have–and it’s likely going to affect your final result. Making changes on the fly can be costly and detract from the overall renovation plan.

Using Inferior Materials

A major renovation can be costly, so many homeowners look for ways to keep expenses down. Sometimes they may be tempted to use some inferior materials for the project. While you don’t have to use high-end materials to achieve a successful design and renovation, poor-quality materials can affect the outcome. In some cases, such materials won’t even support the value of your home. A renovation should enhance the value of your house. Talk to us about choosing materials. We can work with you to keep costs low while selecting materials you can feel good about installing in your house.

Making the Schedule Too Tight

Our contractors are adept at sticking to a time schedule, but it’s important to create a realistic renovation schedule too. A storm somewhere could delay a shipment of materials. A change in the plan can cause a delay. It’s also not uncommon for our contractors to uncover a previously unknown issue that needs attention like a leaking pipe or underlying moisture problem. Talk to us about creating a realistic renovation schedule for your project.

Emphasizing Appearance over Functionality

Certainly, you can achieve a beautiful renovation that functions perfectly for your household. On the other hand, sometimes people will select a cabinet style or flooring material that doesn’t function well for their home. For instance, marble counters are elegant, but marble is porous. If it’s not cared for, it’s vulnerable to staining. We can help you choose picture-perfect materials that also function the way you need them to.

Making these all-too-common mistakes can be frustrating. But some can even detract from the success of your project. Contact us before embarking on your home renovation. We have the expertise to help you avoid these unfortunate renovation pitfalls.

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