Dressing Up an Unsightly Foundation

The unpleasant concrete base surrounding your home might be dampening your home’s curb appeal. If your foundation is decidedly unattractive, you should dress it up to enhance the look of your home. The following ideas can help.

Fresh Paint

Peeling or old paint can turn your home’s foundation into an eye-sore. A simple fix for this is to scrape the peeling paint and apply a fresh coat to the foundation. You can choose a color that pleasantly contrasts to your home’s exterior or blends in with its look. Be sure to select a quality paint that’s designed for exterior use. We can help you prepare the surface of your foundation before applying the paint of your choice.


Stucco is a tried-and-true way to mask a foundation while improving the look of the home. The fact is, masonry walls covered with stucco have actually lasted for thousands of years. Stucco is durable as well as attractive. You can choose from various stucco options like cement stucco or stucco that features a vibrant hue to complement the look of your exterior. We can efficiently apply the stucco for you.

Floral Focus

Plants are the perfect masks for exposed foundation walls. Small shrubs or flowering perennials can enhance your home’s curb appeal and provide a refreshing focus for your outdoor living space. Depending on the height of the walls, you might want to install a raised flower bed for greater coverage of the exposed walls. Consider attractive plantings like hydrangeas, bee balm, lavender, or boxwood.


Creating stone walls to cover your foundation can add a classic look to your home. Stonework is more expensive than paint, but it can also enhance the value of your home and certainly require less maintenance than a painted surface. It’s best to work with someone who specializes in stonework, and we can help! We can help you select the types of stone to feature in your exterior, and we’ll do our best to get you the best price! Also, there are stone panels designed expressly for the purpose of covering foundation walls.

Lattice Panels

Many homeowners use lattice panels to surround a front porch or backyard deck in order to hide an unattractive foundation and give the home a note of polish. The lattice may be painted or finished with a natural wood hue. Lattice makes a great support for climbing plants and vines that can help you bring vertical interest to your landscape. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that your lattice is sealed so it can better stand up to the elements. You’ll need to maintain your lattice so it looks good from year to year.

An unsightly foundation doesn’t have to impede the attractive appeal of your home. Use these tips to mask foundation walls and improve the appearance of your home’s exterior. We can help you decide on the best option for your home. In most cases, we can have your foundation walls masked in a day or two. Call us to set up an appointment.

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