Eco-Friendly Makeover for Your Home

Many homeowners who are looking to enhance their home’s value and increase their enjoyment of it are considering making eco-friendly changes. Achieving an eco-friendly makeover takes some careful planning, but a great design can elevate home value. We routinely help clients choose environmentally friendly materials and create sustainable solutions that meet their household’s needs. The following ideas are ideal for making an eco-friendly change to your home.

Sustainable Flooring

If your floors need replacing, consider choosing flooring like certified wood harvested from a sustainable forest. If you want hardwood, you can also consider choose reclaimed wood to feature in your home. Bamboo is another popular option. Bamboo is an easily renewable material that has the durability of wood–and can even be finished to resemble hardwood. Other sustainable flooring options include cork and linoleum.

Makeover Your Fireplace

Many homeowners are anxious to cut down their energy costs. Making over your fireplace and using it during cold snaps is a low-cost way to heat a room. Before turning on your furnace, you can enjoy a roaring fire that will provide you with cozy ambience without tacking on extra to your monthly energy bill.

Solar Attic Fan

Think about installing a solar attic fan. This feature runs on solar energy. During the warm season, it pulls warm air up and out of your house. This reduces the amount of time your air conditioner has to work. The cost savings that a solar attic fan offers will pay for its installation over time. Many homeowners find these fans work so well that they may not even turn on their air conditioners unless the weather substantially heats up.

New Windows

New windows are a major investment, and many homeowners may be loath to replace their current ones unless they’re in a woeful state of disrepair. Old windows, however, could be adding to energy costs by forcing your air conditioning system and furnace to work overtime to maintain temperature control. New, energy-efficient windows keep warm air inside during winter and cold air outside. During the summer, the reverse is true.

If you do choose to replace your windows this year, consider widening a few. By infusing more natural sunlight into your house, you’ll be able to reduce your need to turn on electric lighting. There are many energy-efficient windows available today. You’ll be able to find models that enhance the look of your house and match its style.

Smart Landscapes

If you’re planning to makeover your home’s outdoor property, consider installing a smart landscape. This is just a fanciful way of saying: use native plants. Native plants require less maintenance like irrigation and watering. You can reduce your water use considerably by installing local plants and greenery.

We can help you achieve your eco-friendly makeover. We can help with the design and implementation of any features you choose. You can also consult with us about ways to reduce your home’s energy usage. Our contractors can also help you located environmentally friendly building materials for any makeover project you have in mind.

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