Exterior Garage Makeovers

If your garage is detracting from your home’s curb appeal or even preventing a home sale, it might be time for an exterior makeover. You can transform the façade of your garage to update its look and even to enhance its functionality. If your garage is pining for a facelift, we have a few great ideas in exterior garage makeovers that you can try!

New Siding or Fresh Paint

Old siding or peeling paint will definitely age the look of your garage. Each year, our contractors routinely provide exterior maintenance for clients’ garages, and one of the ways we give new life to a garage is by replacing old, worn-out siding or providing a thorough paint job. While new siding can be expensive, remember that a siding re-do can add value to your property. If your garage’s surface is no longer viable, it could leave the structure vulnerable to moisture damage and pests. If your garage just needs to be freshened up with paint, we can do everything from start to finish–from scraping the old paint away to applying the final coat.

New Windows

We know that installing new windows in your home is a major investment, so many people, understandably, roll their eyes at the thought of having to replace garage windows. However, the cost is typically much less as most garages only have a window or two. New windows will enhance the energy efficiency of the space and certainly improve the look of your garage too. If your garage windows are still in good shape, consider improving the structure’s curb appeal by adding some new shutters or a couple flower boxes to its windows.

New Garage Door

Another great way to transform the look of your garage is to give it a new door. Older doors can date your garage. A brand new door can make it look like a newly built feature for your home. There are many styles on the market today when it comes to doors. We can help you choose one that suits the style of your home, security needs, and budget. If you’re looking for a high-tech garage door, be sure to consult with us. We’ll help you find a smart garage door that suits all of your household’s needs.

Special Features

These days, homeowners are using their garages for a lot more than storing the car and bicycle. We’ve noted how some clients are attaching pergolas and decks to their garages to get more enjoyment from their gardens and backyards. You might be in the market to expand your garage with a breezeway–the perfect addition for entertaining or enjoying a special hobby.

If your garage is looking tired and needs some help in the exterior department, be sure to get in touch with us. We can help you source materials for it makeover and manage the entire project from beginning to end. Investing in your garage will help you maintain and even improve the value of your home. Contact us today and tell us how to enhance your garage’s curb appeal.

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