Farmhouse Porch Makeover

When people think about farmhouse exteriors, they invariably think of spacious porches and expansive structures that hug the front of the home and even wrap around its sides. The beauty of a large, farmhouse porch is that it expands the home’s living space. You can custom create a porch for your home that enhances its style but also allows you extra space for entertaining or simply relaxing outdoors in comfort. Consider the following ideas when planning your farmhouse porch makeover.

Traditional Wrap-Around Porch

We can design and create a porch that wraps around the front and side exterior of your home. Covered by an awning for sun protection, this porch might be very simple in terms of structure, but also reliably sturdy and build to last. A large wrap-around porch gives the homeowner plenty of space to install seating, either simple rockers or café seating, and container plants. The old-fashioned traditional porch has always been a place where families and neighbors can congregate. We can provide a structure that suits the style of your home and fulfills your household’s needs.

Screened Front Porch

The simple addition to screen to the frame of your front porch is an easy way to create an outdoor room. You can enjoy sitting outside without having to contend with bugs or other pests. An enclosed screen porch offers a measure of privacy that an open porch doesn’t afford. We can install screens as well as a screen door to create a space that provides a pleasant bridge between your outdoor landscape and interior home.

Screens and Windows

For many homeowners, installing screens isn’t enough; they want windows to go with them. Installing a porch with windows as well as screens means that the porch can even be used in cold weather. It can also add far more value to the home than other porch types. We can help you design a space that still feels and functions like a porch but offers immense versatility when it comes to how it can be used.

Luxurious Touches

Once you decide on a structure and style for your farmhouse porch, you can consider adding features to enhance its comfort. For instance, consider installing outdoor ceiling fans suspended from the roof of your porch at regular intervals. To create an ultra-comfortable porch space, you’ll want to consider installing lighting features too. We can help you choose high-end materials for your farmhouse porch that range from stone to cedar. If you’re really enthused to add value to your home, you could install an outdoor fire place for your porch too.

The farmhouse porch style, but today, homeowners are building on that fundamental design to create truly inspiring porch settings that brim with aesthetic appeal and functionality. Take time to view lots of examples of the farmhouse style, but don’t be afraid to incorporate other desired porch elements into your place. We can help you design the porch of your dreams, source affordable materials, and install it for you so that it’s truly integrated to the plan of your home and suits all of your household’s needs. Contact us to find out more.

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