First Projects for Fixer Uppers

If you’ve purchased a fixer upper, you likely already know that  projects like renovation and repairs await you. What do you tackle first? We have helped fixer upper owners attend to a wide array of home improvements that will enhance their investment. The following are some ideas for first projects to get your fixer upper up to snuff.

Assess the Condition of the House

If you didn’t have an in-depth inspection of the home when you purchased it, it’s important to do that as soon as you take on the home. An inspection will help you prioritize projects. Naturally, you’ll need to consult your budget in order to schedule your projects. Be sure to hire someone who is qualified to provide you with a professional home assessment, so you know exactly where you stand.


If you’ve purchased a house with electrical problems, it makes sense to begin your fixer upper rejuvenation here. You certainly don’t want your house to suffer a fire or other electrical problems. If you get into the house and discover that the electric isn’t up to code, you should consult with a professional electrician. We can help you tackle this essential home fix.


Like you electrical, your plumbing is an essential home system that needs attention as soon as there’s a problem. Fixing leaks is paramount. Of course, plumbing can be an expensive project so be sure you know what you’re getting into once you start removing pipes. Old pipes, in particular, are notorious for springing leaks once you begin to maneuver them. Have a plumbing expert assess your pipes to help you gauge the cost of replacing any problematic areas of the system.

Safety Features

There are many “easy” projects to attend to for fixer uppers that are actually quite important. Tightening loose banisters and rails, fixing dips in the pavement, and replacing cracked stairs are a few helpful projects that aren’t expensive but definitely warranted to enhance the safety of your home. If you have questions about the best ways to repair features of your home, be sure to consult our experts.

Roof Repairs

If your home’s roof has problems, it’s a good idea to tackle them. You may not have to replace the roof entirely, but you can apply fixes where they’re needed. Talk to your home inspector about the state of the roof. You may want to create a timeline for ultimately replacing it with a new one. A roofing expert can tell you how long before a new roof is essential.

Fixing up your fixer upper is a gratifying experience. You can work on your new home on an as-needed basis, but it’s important to address the most pressing projects first. You don’t want to have to deal with an emergency situation like a burst pipe if you can avoid it. By prioritizing your projects by need, you can systematically improve the state of your home. These projects will enhance your enjoyment of the home and build on its value.

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