Front Porch Expansions

In a seemingly stress-filled world, so many people are determined to  spend more time outdoors with family, friends, or neighbors where they can de-stress and enjoy their natural settings. A front porch expansion is a wonderful way to add curb appeal to your house and front yard, but it can be designed to enhance the needs of your household. Create space for a great vintage outdoor furniture or create more space for hanging baskets and potted plants. With a new porch expansion, you can even add extra value to your home.


Adding on to your home constitutes an investment in your property. A porch expansion can enhance your home’s value as well as your enjoyment of this feature. It’s helpful to establish a budget for any construction project. A budget can inform your choices when it comes to building materials and size. We can help you with your budget by informing you about the costs for materials.


When we work with property owners for porch expansions, we’ll typically ask them how they want to use the porch. Is it strictly to enhance the home’s style and appearance? Do they plan to sit outdoors on their porch? Do they want it screened in? How do they plan to furnish or use the space? Most homeowners are concerned about matching the porch expansion to their original porch as well as to the style of the home. We can create any style you’re after. Just tell us about your vision, and we’ll work with you to get the design just right!

Materials Selection

We’ll spend time with you talking about materials. Material selections don’t just comprise much of the cost for your project; they also determine things like durability, longevity, and style. Some materials like wood require more routine maintenance. Other materials like concrete are relatively maintenance free. Many of our clients prefer to employ mixed materials depending on style considerations and how they intend to use their porch.


When it comes time to construct your porch, we’ll first help you obtain the permits needed for the project. We’ll also spend some time preparing the site. We may need to remove existing landscape elements or level the ground. Naturally, we’ll discuss what’s required for preparation in advance. We’ll also discuss a time frame for constructing your porch. While small expansions might be completed in a day, larger ones may require a couple days. The type of finish you choose (if you choose one) could add on an additional day. We can provide you with a schedule of our tasks, so you can be apprised every step of the way.

A porch expansion will allow you to better enjoy your home’s outdoor living space. Sit back in a rocking chair and enjoy a glass of lemonade. Set up a café where you and your son or daughter can enjoy an afternoon game of checkers. If you love spending time outside, a new front porch expansion can enhance your household and home structure in multiple ways. Contact us today to find out about a new front porch for you.

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