Great Ideas in Sheds

Your typical backyard shed can be so much more than a simple storage feature. These useful structures can be adapted to fulfill different household needs besides mere storage. You can easily convert your shed to be a functional home feature where you can get work done while enjoying the outdoors. The following are some popular ideas in shed design and usage.

Garden Shed

Repurposing your shed as a work space for gardening is a popular idea but can be customized to suit your needs as well as the style of your property. A useful shed de-clutters your garden, but it also provides gardeners with an area to re-pot plants, paint pots, or perform other garden chores. Additionally, your garden shed can provide an attractive focal point for your backyard when transformed into a fun visual feature. Add shutters to your shed, window boxes, fresh paint, and landscaping to transform it into a little garden oasis.

Glass Shed

Some avid gardeners have converted their sheds into greenhouses where they can grow more tender varietals during the cold season. Adding glass panes is a big job, but our contractors can help you transform your shed into a greenhouse. No matter the season, your glass house will add tremendous visual appeal to your setting while performing its useful functions. You can also design a glass house from scratch so that it can be customized to suit your gardening needs.

Salvage-Style Shed

If you’re in to vintage-inspired settings, consider employing salvage features to create or transform your shed. You can use salvaged beams, windows, and even a door to create an antique-style structure that enhances the look of your landscape. From antique hanging planters to stamped-metal roofing, you can design your shed to resemble a gothic or Victorian structure that doubles as a place to hang out in your garden.

Man-Cave Shed

A rustic retreat is a great way to make-over a shed with men in mind. Picture stacks of firewood, knotty pine walls, and a place to store the tractor–or maybe a fun collection of beer label signs. You can transform the façade of your shed to resemble a woodland cabin, complete with rocking chair by the door and a wood-burning stove. Moreover, if you feel like adding electricity, you can even host football game parties from your shed.

Outdoor Studio

Whether you love to create pottery or paint landscapes, an outdoor shed can be easily transformed into the arts and crafts studio of your dreams. Moreover, if you work with materials that have an odor, you can ensure that the odors remain outside and not in your home when you use your shed as a place to work.

A backyard shed is truly a versatile structure. You can use it in multiple ways and decorate it in a manner that suits your landscape style. Consider these ideas when making over this humble backyard structure. Contact us to answer any questions you may have, we’d love to help.


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