Concerned about sustainability, Hometelligent specializes in green building techniques with an eye on energy efficient materials and waste management.


Creating Sustainable Designs

Hometelligent is passionate about sustainability. We adopt and continually develop green building solutions that enhance our clients’ design plans.

As builders concerned about sustainability, we specialize in building with green materials. From renewable materials like bamboo to sustainably harvested hardwood, we are committed to building and renovating in an environmentally responsible way. If you want to incorporate green materials into your home addition or renovation, we will work with you to create a design that meets all your needs and also promotes energy-efficiency and green living. Our contractors are certified in their respective fields and trained to employ the best green practices on the job. Hometelligent is constantly looking toward the future and it sure looks green to us!


Energy Efficiency

Our green building platform isn’t just based on the use of sustainable building materials. We also design with energy and resources, like water, in mind. The efficient use of resources is something we care about and many of our customers care about, too. By creating sustainable designs, we are able to promote energy efficiency and water conservation in ways that don’t detract from our clients’ lifestyles.

Waste Management Solutions

In addition, Hometelligent takes pride in our waste management solutions. Each project is associated with some degree of waste and energy usage. Our green building techniques best practices allow us to reduce energy usage and dispose of all waste in an environmentally friendly manner. We adhere to all guidelines for proper waste management at our job sites.

We had a large arbor where, after 22 years, the support posts had rotted. We called Silvio to get an estimate as his company had done out kitchen remodel several years ago and we were extremely satisfied with the work. We selected Hometelligent although their bid was not the lowest we received. Although we ran into unforeseen difficulties in resetting the support posts, Silvio’s team stuck with it, and the job was completed way beyond our satisfaction.  Because of the difficulties, both of us renegotiated the final price in a friendly, professional and fair manner. Every day when my wife and I look at the rebuilt arbor we are thankful that we hired Hometelligent.

Ozlem A., Albany

Silvio and his team are fantastic. We have worked with them on two project over the course of several years—they remolded our basement and most recently our kitchen. Silvio is exceptionally professional, timely, and fair. HE also has great aesthetic taste; he has made suggestions to improve our house that our architect hasn’t even thought about. We implemented many of them and haven’t regretted any. His crew is friendly, respectful and hard working. I highly recommend them.

Jennifer K., Albany

We have had two bathrooms remodeled by Hometelligent and we couldn’t be happier with the final product—the bathrooms are fantastic! We looked at a number of contractors and Silvio Dobrovat gave us a very reasonable bid. The workmanship is excellent and the crew is very professional. The project was done on time and on budget. We have not regretted our decision to choose him and in fact are looking to have him do additional work on our 90 year old home. You will not be disappointed!

Thomas H., Albany

We are totally satisfied Hometelligent customers. Silvio and his team remodeled our kitchen and created an open kitchen-living space for us. They were thorough, reliable, and detail-oriented throughout the job. The rooms look great and the quality is high. Silvio is super-responsive to questions (of which we had many), typically getting back to us within the hour, even late at night. We unreservedly recommend Hometelligent!

Susan M., San Leandro