Hip Ideas in Kitchen Storage

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens. In many households, the kitchen is the busiest room in the house. So, it’s important that it has features that help us keep it organized, but that doesn’t mean we have to compromise on style either. With these hip ideas in kitchen storage, you can enhance the look of your kitchen while keeping it neat and orderly at the same time.

Glass Shelves

Love your backsplash and don’t want to impede its look with shelving? You can opt for clear glass shelves, which are perfect for storing your clear glasses and goblets. Clear glass won’t detract from the look of your gorgeous tilework. When you stow your glassware on the shelves, you can free up cabinet space for other everyday essentials.

Install a Plate Rack

A plate rack is a handy storage feature that keeps your dishes safely stored but easily accessible. If you love the pattern of your dishes, why keep it hidden behind a closed cabinet door? You can show off the edging of your lovely dishes when you store them in a convenient plate rack. We can help you mount your new rack on any wall to ensure that its sturdy and strong enough to hold your dish collection.


Open shelving is a handy kitchen storage solution, but how to you keep these shelves from appearing cluttered? Simply add some matching baskets. Deep baskets are perfect for storing plastic containers, bakeware and cookie cutters, large implements like rolling pins, kids cups, and much more. You can choose baskets that match the look of your kitchen décor.

Retractable Drawers

If you have a deep cabinet, consider installing retractable drawers to help you easily access stowed items. You might install them beneath your kitchen sink to keep cleaning supplies neatly organized. Retractable drawers are also ideal for storing food items like cans or even pots and pans. We can design a custom set of retractable drawers that will enhance your cabinet space. A retractable rack installed in a deep cabinet is also a great way to keep pans stored but conveniently accessible.

Add a Kitchen Island

If you have space to add a kitchen island, what are you waiting for? A kitchen island offers added space for meal preparation, but it also doubles as a storage center for items you need every day. You can install shelves in your island to house your cookbook collection. Island cabinetry is ideal for storing large items like slow cookers or fryers. Although you can purchase kitchen islands, we can also help you design one that ideally suits your storage needs and will even complement the look of your kitchen.

Outstanding kitchen storage is important for keeping this busy room orderly and functional. We can help you achieve any of these ideas. We’ll help you source materials, design your features, and install your new storage in no time. If you’re ready for hip kitchen storage, be sure to contact us so we can get started on your kitchen makeover.

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