How to Choose the Best Faucet for Your Kitchen

Before you hit your nearest home improvement store or sit down with your laptop to shop online for a new kitchen faucet, you’ve got to stop and think about what goes into your kitchen sink. People tend to spend more time in their kitchens than any other room, and the kitchen sink isn’t always the scene of food prep or dish washing. Some people bathe their newborn in the sink or fill their watering can for tending to indoor plants. When you consider how you use your kitchen sink, you’ll be able to find a faucet that satisfies all your household’s needs.

Faucet Controls

When choosing a faucet for your kitchen, take time to consider how you prefer to control your faucet. You may be in favor of a hands-free model. These innovative solutions flow in accordance with you hand motions. On the other hand, you may prefer a single control lever or two adjustable knobs or dials. Today’s faucets come in many different styles, so you’ll be able to choose a model that adjusts according to your preferences.

Consider the Sprayer

Another faucet feature to pay attention to is the sprayer. There are spray wands that literally pull down from the faucet as well as stand-alone side sprayers that are traditionally mounted beside your faucet. Additionally, a pull-out sprayer may provide you with the versatility you need in your kitchen.

Arc Height

Arc height matters when you choose your kitchen faucet. While many homeowners do not want the arc of their sink faucet to interfere with their window view, others may require a high arc in order to easily wash and fill large pots. The height of your arc can also make a design statement so you’ll need to carefully consider arc style and heights when you make your purchase.

Mounting and Installation

Naturally, our contractors will be happy to mount and install any type of faucet you choose. If, however, you want to replace your existing faucet with something similar, you’ll need to select a similar model. Otherwise, you may find that you need to drill under opening in your counter or plug one up. If you have concerns about the installation process for any particular faucet system you have in mind, be sure to contact our helpful pros.


Finally, you’ll need to consider faucet style when making your selection. From a multitude of finishes to design elements, today’s faucets run the gamut. You’ll have a wide selection to choose from. Consider the style of your kitchen as you shop. You’ll find faucets that convey an old-world design aesthetic as well as ultra-contemporary faucets. Take your time so you can find the ideal faucet for your kitchen.

With these considerations in mind, you’ll be able to find a faucet that complements your kitchen décor as well as your household’s needs. If you have questions about any of the faucets you have in mind, be sure to contact us.


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