How to Create a Kitchen Breakfast Nook

A new breakfast nook can enhance your kitchen and informal family gatherings. Many people enjoy these everyday spaces that allow them to leave the formal areas of their home, like their dining room, uncluttered by daily activities like eating, having a cup of coffee or tea, or even working on the kids’ homework. We can help you design and install a nook that works within the confines of your space. We can also transform that space to suit your ideas! Consider the following elements of a kitchen nook as you plan your own design.

Assess the Space

Whether your space is rounded, oblong, or unusually shaped, you can install custom seating that makes use of an area that is otherwise difficult to furnish. Even very compact spaces can be outfitted with a comfortable nook that functions as an area for dining. If you have a large space, you can still create a cozy nook and, perhaps, furnish the rest of the area with features like a coffee bar or storage center.


When designing your breakfast nook, you can get creative with seating. You can install bench seating that incorporates storage into the construction. Naturally, you can add commercially available seating to your breakfast nook, but you can also create custom seating that suits the space perfectly. From chairs that swivel to diner-style booths, seating options run the gamut. Consider the overall style of your kitchen when selecting seating options.


Again, just as you can customize seating to suit your breakfast nook, you can also design a table or bar to provide a surface for informal meals. Even a kitchen island can do double duty as a breakfast nook tabletop. While you can opt for a traditional table or store-bought model, a custom table can be personalized to suit your household’s needs. If you have a compact kitchen, a table that doubles as a storage feature can enhance your organization while serving your breakfast nook’s needs.

Nook with a View

Before installing a breakfast nook, carefully consider where to place it. Ideally, it’s best to incorporate it into an area with a window view or near patio doors. Breakfasts tend to be cozier when you can bring in some natural light and provide a view of the outdoors. If you can’t place your nook near a window, consider installing a mural or art feature that helps you create a distinctive decorative statement.

Other Considerations

As you plan your breakfast nook’s design, consider a lighting fixture that will illuminate the space while enhancing décor. A breakfast nook is a terrific space to show off a special collection of vintage bakeware or cookbooks, so you might want to install shelving in the area too. Other touches like plush seat cushions, a floor mat, and curtains can also tie the space together with one cohesive look.

If you’re ready to move forward with your breakfast nook design, be sure to contact us for help. We can help you source materials and install everything you need to transform your nook into everyone’s favorite place to breakfast.

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