How to Create a Kitchen Coffee Bar

If you love coffee–and why wouldn’t you–you might want to consider creating a coffee bar in your kitchen. Confining the coffee maker to a small corner of the counter may be alright for some, but if you need space for your frother, espresso machine, and selection of gourmet brews, you should install a bar in a special nook of your kitchen that’s devoted to everyone’s favorite beverage.

Choose a Space

Before installing your coffee bar and related features, you’ll need to choose a space in your kitchen or possibly even your dining room if you have extra room there. You’ll want a space that’s easily accessible and located near electricity so you can plug in your coffee maker. While having a sink in proximity to your coffee bar would be ideal, it may not be a requirement for you. A small bar with counter space for your appliances and shelving or storage for accessories, mugs, and coffee beans or coffee pods may not create a large footprint, but you’ll want to install it in a special niche of your room.


You can integrate your coffee bar into your kitchen’s overall design, but if you can’t match countertops or wood, you can still create a standout feature that complements the look of your kitchen. You can install a furnishing that’s ready-made or custom made in order to fit a special area of your space. If you don’t have a lot of floor space, remember that you can make use of your vertical space too. Add shelving or cabinets that have the storage space you need.

Choose Your Coffee Makers

If you love coffee, you may very well enjoy a coffee mix of machines. Having an espresso machine as well as a traditional coffee maker will ensure that everyone can enjoy their favorite coffee drink. If you don’t have an outlet near your coffee bar, you may need to have one installed by a contractor. Try to consider which machines you want to add to your bar so that you create a space that can easily accommodate them.

Space for Extras

You, members of your household, or guests to your home may want to add various toppings or special additives to their coffee drinks. You may want to add a small fridge beneath your coffee counter with flavored cream, half-and-half or even iced coffee. You can add shelving for flavored syrups for your coffee drinks. Think about your favorite coffee shop. What ingredients do they supply for customers? You can add the same fun ingredients to your coffee bar too.

A coffee bar may not be the ideal feature for every kitchen, but if you enjoy coffee, it can become the best part of your kitchen and your favorite place to start each day. We can help you design and install a coffee bar that matches the rest of your kitchen. We can also help you select materials before creating a custom bar for your home.

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