How to Save Money on Your Renovation

Whether you’re planning a large or small-scale renovation project, you’re likely hoping to stick to a budget and get the most value for your investment. While it’s natural to want to cut expenses when possible, it’s not usually a good idea to cut corners. To save money on your renovation, consider the following tips.

Work with a Reputable Contractor

When planning your renovation, it’s essential to work with a reputable contractor with a reputation for charging fair rates. We will provide clients with upfront pricing for services and materials. While some people might consider cutting corners by not hiring a general contractor, keep in mind that these pros can often offset their cost with the discount they’re able to provide their customers through their network of regular vendors.

DIY Demolition

If you do have the know-how, you could cut some costs by performing your own demolition work. However, you should also discuss this with your general contractor or architect to ensure that you do not do any structural damage to your home or commercial building. If you have to rent equipment, however, you might not be saving much in the long run and could just as easily leave this part of the project to the professionals.

Make Your Own Deliveries

If you have a vehicle like a pick-up truck, you could save money on your renovation by picking up materials to cut down on delivery costs. Even if you have to rent a trailer, you could still wind up with a substantial savings by hauling the materials by yourself.

Don’t Move the Plumbing

If you’re renovating your kitchen, for example, and leave the kitchen sink and associated plumbing in place, you can save considerably. New parts and labor for the plumber can run up your bill. Unless you’re determined on a completely different design, try leaving certain elements in place to keep costs down.

Off-the-Shelf and Standard Sizes

If you can avoid special orders and special sizes, you’ll be able to save hundreds of dollars. For example, a standard off-the-floor door might run you about $800, but if you order a custom door, you’re looking at a cost of $1,500 and up. Talk to us about using standard sizes whenever possible in order to save money on your final bill. By using standard sizes most cases, your cost savings could actually pay for the one or two custom features you have your heart set on.

Be Selective about Materials

While you certainly want to use high-quality materials for your renovation project, you don’t have to use the most expensive materials to get the quality and look you want. For instance, you can install a bamboo floor that mimics the look and functionality of hardwood but comes at a less expensive cost. You can even use cheaper but still good-quality reclaimed materials for the project. Be sure to explain the functionality you’re after we can advise you about the best materials for the job.

A renovation project is a big investment that can enhance the value of your home when done well. With our help, we can help you create a design and budget that suits your needs. Contact us to discuss how we can help.

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