Ideas for Creating a Spare Room Spa

Dreaming of transforming a spare room into something special? You can revamp this spare space into the spa of your dreams. Home spas have increased in popularity and can add value to your home, especially when they’re professionally constructed. In fact, you don’t even need a particularly large space to create a home spa that’s filled with amenities you love. Use the following tips to develop a plan for turning an unused room of your home into a custom spa setting.

Water Features

An over-sized sunken tub, a steam shower, a plunge pool–your home spa, regardless of its complexity, will require water. If you’re building your home spa on the ground floor, you’ll have more options to consider than if you were to construct it on an upper floor. In any case, you’ll want to consult closely with your construction contractors or architect to ensure that your structure can tolerate the weight of any water features you want to install. You’ll also need the skills of an experienced plumber.

Some homeowners opt for incredibly grand, ornate home spas complete with cascades and indoor swimming pools. There are, of course, many budget-friendly options to consider. You can install a large bathtub with whirlpool capabilities. Even the addition of a walk-in shower will add a luxurious touch to your spa without breaking the budget.

Materials Selection

Home spas have much in common with master bathroom suites, so you’ll want to consider materials that will be easy to maintain in a moisture-rich setting. Hardwood for flooring may not be the best choice for this setting; opt for tile instead. We can help you source materials for your spa project whether you’re in the market for marble counter tops or ceramic tiling.


Naturally, you’ll want to have a place to sit or lounge in your home spa. We can help you create built-in seating near your water features or even inside them. You can add bench seating to your steam shower, for example. As we develop the design for your spa, we’ll need to ensure that there’s space for the type of furnishings you have in mind.


While designing your home spa, we’ll also need to include some built-in cabinetry for your spa supplies. We can create overhead cabinetry or install an entire wall for displaying your spa items such as bath oils and plush towels. We have the skills to create cabinets that complement the aesthetic of your spa. Maybe you want to create a special display for this part of your home to showcase antique perfume bottles or some other attractive collection. We can work with you to create your ideal setting.

A home spa is a place where you can relax and relinquish the day’s stresses. It’s always an investment when you undertake a major renovation, but this type of space is sure to add value to your home, allowing you to recoup much of the cost should you decide to sell your property. If you’re interested in constructing a home spa, contact us and let’s create a plan.

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