Industrial-Chic Kitchens

The industrial-chic trend with its stainless steel and reclaimed materials is showing no signs of diminishing, and that’s great because as decorative plans go, industrial-chic décor incorporates reused items as well as green materials into its designs. Although the industrial look works anywhere, it definitely shines in the kitchen. If you are considering a style upgrade for your kitchen and plan to do some renovating soon, the industrial-chic look will give you the stylish and functional setting you crave.

Walls, Floors, and Ceiling

When it comes to the walls, floor, and ceiling of your kitchen upgrade, be sure to talk to us about employing reused materials in the design. From reclaimed ceiling beams to reused steel shelves, you can build a frame that pushes this design aesthetic forward. A concrete floor is a hallmark of the industrial-chic look, but rustic wood planking is also something to consider. When designing your walls, you can opt for exposed brick, reclaimed wood panels, or even paint. You’ll want to stick with a color palette that includes gray, black, and tan when designing your industrial-chic kitchen.


Stainless steel tends to be the go-to choice when it comes to industrial-style kitchens. You’ll find   a wide array of appliances like refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers in stainless steel. On the other hand, you might want to choose appliances colored black as an alternative. When it comes to industrial-chic kitchens, you’ll want to go for functional over decorative. Be sure to choose the best appliances you can afford to achieve a top-notch kitchen design where you can rev up your cooking and baking skills.


A great way to add industrial-chic personality to your kitchen is in the form of lighting features. Consider opting for distressed copper drum lighting fixtures or pendulum lights with exposed bulbs and cage-style shades. To tie your kitchen together for a chic look, try to stick to the same type of metal fixtures like oil rubbed bronze, steel, or distressed copper.


Storage is important to any kitchen, but you can enhance your industrial kitchen with rustic storage features. We can make a shelving apparatus using old pipes and wood planks. Steel shelves are sturdy and will also complement the design aesthetic. You can also create a kitchen island using reclaimed materials. You can add cabinetry and shelving to your island that enhances its functionality.

Industrial Kitchen Furniture

To achieve an industrial look for your kitchen you’ll definitely want to carefully consider your kitchen table and chairs. You might also want to create a breakfast bar with stools for added convenience. Keep your furnishings on the rustic side or opt for furnishings that employ stainless steel or reclaimed materials. Your furnishings are apt to be a kitchen focal point, so you can even talk to us about where to shop for furnishings that are sure to enhance your design.

Keep in mind that your industrial-chic kitchen is not a color-by-numbers design style. This means that you are free to soften it up with vibrant colors or even pastel shades if you choose. The key is to choose a design and materials that suit the needs of your household. Contact us if you have any questions at all about a new or different kitchen.

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