Install a Garden Window for a Greener Home

If you enjoy gardening or are new to the hobby, a garden window is a convenient place to keep plants while ensuring that they have access to the sunlight they need to thrive. Over the last several decades, garden windows have increased in popularity. Keeping plants indoors is a great way to create a greener home, but many types of indoor plants actually have air-purifying qualities. If you want to keep plants in your house but don’t have a convenient place to stow them, consider installing a garden window.

Types of Garden Windows

Essentially, a garden window is a three-dimensional window that extends outward from your home’s exterior; it features a shelf for plants and usually protrudes out about 18 inches. This nook is an ideal place to keep your plants, but you should definitely site it in a sunny spot. Many homeowners prefer to install garden windows in their kitchen but that’s not the only option. Moreover, there are many types of garden windows. You’ll be able to select a style that matches your home’s architectural look. Because various sizes are available, you can also add multi-shelved garden windows.

Special Features of Garden Windows

Garden windows are designed with terrific energy efficiency. They tend to be designed with glass that’s an inch thick, so they are certainly well insulated. Manufacturers also design these reinforced windows with highly durable frames and materials that are unlikely to blister or peel. These windows will also feature venting so you can open them to allow in the breeze.

Benefits of a Garden Window

Aside from providing a convenient place to keep plants, a garden window can allow added sunlight into your room. More natural light can enhance your home’s ambience. These windows can also transform the look of any room while enhancing plant health. We can help you select a style that suits your needs as well as your budget.

Key Factors to Consider

When choosing a site for your garden window, you should take care to remember that this window will extend outward from the house, so it could impede a walkway. You’ll need to carefully consider where you install this special feature. Also, some people may attempt a DIY garden window install; we advise against this plan. To ensure that your window is installed properly, you should consult a professional.

Types of Plants for Your Garden Window

Many people install garden windows in their kitchens to create indoor herb gardens. This is perfect if you enjoy cooking with fresh herbs like rosemary and mint. Otherwise, you have all sorts of options to consider. If your home is frequently ‘closed up,’ you should include some air-purifying plants like spider plants or aloe vera. Just take care to select plants that can fit well in the space.

If you want to install a garden window in your kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere around your home, we can help. These windows are attractive, energy efficient, and perfect for housing your favorite indoor plants. Contact us to learn more.

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