Installing a New Sunroom Addition

If you are planning a new addition to your home in the form of a sunroom, you’ll want to take care to create a design that suits your home’s needs and aesthetic charm. With our help, you can design and implement a space that enhances the value of your home and complements your household’s needs.

Three Season or All Season?

Before constructing your sunroom, you’ll need to decide whether you want to build a three-season or all-season space. During winter, it may be too cool to use the space; however, if your climate is mild enough, you can enjoy your three-season room year-round. Essentially, a three-season room does not have the level of insulation that a four-season room does. A three-season room isn’t integrated into with the home’s HVAC system either. On the other hand, a three-room sunroom is much less expensive to build. Naturally, a four-season room will add more value to the home, so it could be the type of investment you want to make.


When planning your sunroom, consider how you want to use it as your lifestyle can definitely impact the design. Do you plan to entertain in the space? Do you plan to use the space for plants? Some homeowners simply want to relax in a breezy room and may not need the square footage that someone who plans to entertain will. Your builder can help you plan a design that suits your needs and comes in under your budget. Depending on how you plan to use the space, you’ll have plenty of aspects of the space to consider. Do you plan to screen the walls or install floor-to-ceiling windows? Do you want a closed roof, skylights, or window roof panels? Your contractor can help you decide in what direction to steer your design.

Selecting Materials

The types of materials you choose will impact your budget. A brick building is more costly than a sided one, for instance. Glass windows will impact the budget considerably as well. Your contractor can help you choose flooring materials too. Some homeowners want to have ceiling fans installed or have the room integrated with their patio. The great thing about a new home addition is that you can customize the entire space. To ensure that your room enhances home value, do your best to employ the same materials as the home structure for a more aesthetically pleasing and balanced look.

Outfitting the Space

When furnishing your new sunroom, you can use indoor or outdoor furniture as it will be protected by the structure. However, an outdoor set may do better in a room designed for three seasons. Some homeowners prefer to carve out a special breakfast or coffee nook for their sun room. Others may wish to include a nook for a special hobby like sewing. Be sure to tell your contractor how you want to use the space as they may have various recommendations to enhance your design.

A new sunroom can become your favorite place to hang out at home. By planning the design carefully and taking your time to choose the best materials to complement your home, you’re sure to create a room that adds value and enjoyment to your setting. Contact us if you have any questions about adding on a room to your house.

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