Installing Security Doors and Features to Safeguard Your Home

One of the best ways to update the security of your home is to install new security doors. Your front and back doors could be considered a first line of defense against home intruders. Many people are understandably concerned about crimes like burglary and want to take steps to reduce their risks. Today’s security doors are more diverse than ever. They boast the strength buyers are looking for as well as terrific aesthetic appeal. Most homeowners are able to find security door styles that complement the architectural appeal of their houses. To update your home’s security, consider installing new security entrance doors and other important security features.

Security Doors

There are two main types of security doors complemented by multiple designs and styles. First, there are openwork steel doors. These feature the look of wrought iron and may have a clear glass panel. The second type of entrance door is made to look like a typical fiberglass or wood door, but the interior is crafted from steel. These doors can also be outfitted with deadbolts, chains, and even alarms to enhance their security.

Door Frames

Keep in mind that doors are only as strong as the door frame that contains them. When installing new security doors, our contractors must carefully assess the condition of the door frame first. It may require repair or reinforcing. We can ensure that your door frame is in optimum condition before replacing your door with a new security door.

Pin Locks

Burglars have ways to quickly break conventional window locks to gain entrance to homes. Pin locks are inexpensive methods for adding an extra layer of protection to your home’s windows. We can install these locks by drilling small holes in the window and then installing a pin. You can remove the pin from the inside when you want to open your window. However, you can replace the pins at night or before you leave home for the your work day.

Motion Lights

Motion lights are another inexpensive solution for warding away burglars. As a person draw near your home’s entrances, the motion sensor is triggered and the light turns on. Often, the light is enough to scare burglars away. Consider motions lights that run on solar energy for a green security feature. Motion lights are versatile, which means you can mount them anywhere–near your front and back entrances, patio doors, garage doors, and even windows.

Inexpensive Alarms

There are many different types of inexpensive door and window alarms available at hardware stores and home improvement centers. You can install them or allow us to quickly install them for an additional safeguard of your home. These battery-operated devices sound an alarm when a door or window is open. Many homeowners set them before bedtime so that if someone tries to enter at night, they’ll be alerted.

We can help you install a new security door and any other security features that you’re interested in. Improving your security will give you more peace of mind whether you’re at home or away. Talk to us about other home security features that could enhance your home’s security.

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